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Farmstead Deli, our range of cooked, chilled meats under the trusted Farmstead banner, provide you with greater choice for your deli offering. Choose from our range of nine lines, from classics such as mustard ham and turkey butterfly to something a little more different such as salt beef topside and red brisket pastrami.

All of the products are 100% British farm assured whole muscle and are either QMS or Red Tractor certified so you can be sure that you are getting a high quality product that will consistently deliver, time and time again.

Take a look at our range of Farmstead Deli meats below

Farmstead Deli beechwood smoked ham 6 x 500g (14475)

Number of slices per pack: 10. Crafted with the finest ingredients and naturally smoked with imported beechwood. It boasts a distinct, perfectly balanced smokey flavour with a slight saltiness of the prime pork leg. Serving suggestion…eggs benedict. Serve with a toasted Everyday Favourites English muffin (06544) and lashings of hollandaise sauce (22208) for a classic brunch option

Farmstead Deli Yorkshire ham 6 x 500g (76883)

Number of slices per pack: 12. This delicately flavoured ham uses only prime pork leg cuts dry cured for four days then carefully cooked until it becomes succulent and beautifully tender. Serving suggestion…ham, egg & little gem salad. Slice up and serve with crunchy little gem, boiled eggs (18926), croutons (77921) and a drizzle of honey and mustard dressing (04719)

Farmstead Deli mustard ham 6 x 500g (76881)

Number of slices per pack: 12. Made using pork leg, this ham is glazed with wholegrain mustard, giving each slice a crumbly crust. The flavour profile boasts a beautiful combination of salty and heat. Serving suggestion…ploughmans. For a delicious lunchtime option, why not serve with freshly baked bloomer, a chunk of mature which Cheddar (02638) and a dollop of piccalilli (57687)

Farmstead Deli dry cured gammon ham 6 x 500g (76895)

Number of slices per pack: 12. The pork leg is dry cured by being covered in salt whilst it is gradually pressed. The hams are then washed and hung in a temperature-regulated place until dry. Serving suggestion…ham & chips. Serve with steakhouse fries (71269) and pineapple slices for a classic option

Farmstead Deli honey roast ham 6 x 500g (14495)

Number of slices per pack: 10. Made using Scottish honey, this ham it the perfect combination of sweet and salty. It’s also a popular choice for children from its softer flavour profile. Serving suggestion…ham & cheese bloomer. Pile up slices of emmental cheese (50665), salad and mustard in a crusty white bloomer (07598) for a tasty lunchtime snack

Farmstead Deli red brisket pastrami – 6 x 500g (76890)

Number of slices per pack: 50. Made using a traditional American recipe, the meat is brined, partially dried, seasoned with herbs and spices before being smoked and steamed to create a distinct flavour. Serving suggestion…American bagels. Serve in a bagel (43453) with American mustard (06614) and cocktail gherkins (04708) to create a US classic

Farmstead Deli salt beef topside 6 x 500g (76888)

Number of slices per pack: 12. Made using beef topside, the meat is cured in brine and then boiled. The saltiness of the beef is an ideal match for strong, sour gherkins. Serving suggestion…Korean lettuce cups. For something a little different that’s quick and easy, serve in a lettuce cup with kimchi (94454) and a drizzle of Korean BBQ sauce (94429)

Farmstead Deli cooked beef topside 6 x 500g (76886)

Number of slices per pack: 16. Perfect for serving up for a Sunday lunch if the skill level is lower, this cooked beef topside is a highly versatile product. Serving suggestion…Yorkie wraps. For a British classic that’s perfect for on the go, serve with a dollop of creamed horseradish sauce (02852) in a Yorkshire pudding wrap (51375)

Farmstead Deli turkey butterfly – 6 x 500g (76892)

Number of slices per pack: 16-22. Made using turkey breast, this highly versatile deli meat makes a delicious alternative to chicken and works with a number of flavours. Serving suggestion...pesto & caesar wraps. Ideal for buffets or a lunch option, serve with green pesto (04729), caesar dressing (44175) and rocket in a tortilla wrap (07059)

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