Top 10 nations favourite desserts

Its official – the votes have been counted and verified and the nation’s favourite desserts have been selected! It’s a tough competition to say the least but as you can see it’s the true classics that have come in strong and taken the top spots in the 10 most loved desserts.*

1. Sticky toffee pudding

Coming in at number 1 – the most loved is that traditional indulgent, ever loved classic, the sticky toffee pudding! Everyday Favourites sticky toffee pudding delivers a soft sponge coated in a sticky toffee sauce, perfect to pair with some smooth custard or creamy ice-cream. Alternatively, take a twist on a classic and hit that hybrid trend with Premium Selection sticky toffee pudding cheesecake, two classics in one!

2. Chocolate eclairs

A very string 2nd place is the chocolate éclair, simple but delicious! Take the hassle out of making that choux pastry with Everyday Favourites Chocolate eclairs or Everyday Favourites mini chocolate eclairs the perfect bite sized eclairs for sharing board, trio of desserts or buffets. If you’re looking for a slight twist on a classic Tipiak pop eclairs are flavoured with crème brulee, lemon curd, berry & chocolate orange for an alternative full of flavour and colour.

3. Apple crumble

In third place, we have the humble crumble. Apple crumble has been a favourite over the years and always helps add a touch of nostalgia to your menu. Everyday Favourites individual apple crumbles offer that perfect balance with filling and crumble and Billingtons vegan crumble is a great vegan & gluten free alternative for your menu.

4. Profiteroles

Coming in fourth with more delicious cream filled pastry covered in chocolate. Profiteroles are an absolute classic loved by all. Again, take away the trouble of creating your own choux pastry with Everyday Favourites thaw & serve profiteroles with chocolate sauce. Looking for a more premium offering, try Premium Selection individual truffle torte with shimmering gold profiterole, a show-stopping centre of plate gooey centre chocolate dessert topping with a shimmering profiterole.

5. Chocolate mousse

We all know you can’t go wrong with a classic chocolate mousse. It offers that indulgent treat sensation but a lighter offering. If you don’t want to be making a chocolate mousse from scratch we have a range of premade options available. For a more premium alternative look to our Premium Selection triple chocolate calypso mousse, the perfect thaw and serve centre of plate indulgent dessert.

6. Millionaires shortbread

Layers of pure indulgence, millionaire shortbread is never a bad choice for a sweet treat! Premium Selection millionaire’s cheesecake offers all the indulgent flavours of millionaires short bread in cheesecake form. Why not also add Kellys millionaires shortbread ice cream onto your menu for added extravagance.

7. Apple pie

Apple pie surprisingly coming in 7th place. A real simple, traditional dessert that has truly stood the test of time! We have this menu staple covered offering Everyday Favourites whole apple pies and deep filled apple pies but if you’re looking for individual portions try the delicious Boncolac apple tartan tartlettes.

8. Strawberry cheesecake

What’s not to love about that smooth creamy filling with a crunchy biscuit base! Strawberry may have come out tops but we have a whole host of flavours in our cheesecake range starting with the ever loved classics of strawberry or Madagascan vanilla to sherry trifle, crème brulee and honeycomb. Cheesecake is definitely a must on the menu, it’s just going to be hard to pick which one!

9. Lemon meringue pie

Cloud like delicious meringue with contrasting sharp lemon filling, of course this is one of the nation’s favourite desserts! Everyday Favourites lemon meringue pie gives you a whole lemon pie ready to portion and serve with a hand finished meringue top giving you efficiency & authenticity on your menu.

10. Black Forest gateaux

Last but by no means least and another ode to nostalgia here with the classic Black Forest gateaux. Certainly a firm favourite for some generations. A flavour combination that has now migrated over many different dessert formats. We have a range of Black Forest desserts with whole and pre-cut gateaux but an excellent addition to your dessert menu is Yarde Farm Black Forest gateaux ice cream – perfect to pair with a range of desserts!

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