Desserts insights

Desserts are a fantastic way of ending a meal on a high and can be a real talking point. Desserts provide the opportunity to experiment with new flavour combinations as well as offering traditional, well-loved classics. We’ve pulled together the top insights to what really impacts a consumers decision when it comes to choosing whether to have a dessert or not.

What a treat

70% of consumers’ main reason to eat out of home is to treat themselves, therefore more likely to make the most of the occasion and enjoy a dessert*

Curious cravings

6/10 consumers believe that being able to try new food trends is important when they eat out of home. This increased to 8/10 for 18-34 year olds*

Customised cravings

1 in 2 people like to ensemble their own desserts from several dessert elements. Dessert bar style options are great to take one slightly more basic dessert and allow consumers to customise with toppings and flavourings*

Permissible puddings

7/10 consumers said that it’s important to have healthier options available when eating out and 3/10 consumers are willing to pay more for the healthier option.*

Top factors that encourage delving into a dessert

  • Good value for money
  • Desserts that are new and exciting
  • Desserts that I can have/recreate at home
  • A wide choice
  • Desserts assortments (e.g mini trio of puds)*

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*All sourced food insight report CGA 2021

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