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Serving coffee your way

Buying coffee from ‘Coffee your way’ gives you access to some of the very best brands, unrivalled support from our specialist team and a wide range of equipment from our partner Liquidline. On top of this you can also order all the added extras you require for your coffee and hot drinks offering through Bidfood, simplifying your supply chain and consolidating your deliveries.


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We have a wide range of Monin and Tate & Lyle syrups to support your coffee offering, whether you like to stick to traditional flavours or go a little adventurous during the festive season.

Takeaway coffee cups

Disposable coffee cups are a must have for a takeaway offering. From Vegware to branded options all in multiple sizes we’ve got you covered.


From stirrers to napkins, ensure you are stocked up on all the consumables your business requires.

Alternative milks

Oat and nut milks are an important option for many consumers these days when ordering their coffee. Make sure you are able to provide a range of dairy-free alternatives for customers.

Sugar sticks

We've got an extensive range of sugar sticks from multiple brands, you'll find what you require within our range.


We know we are all about coffee, but a big part of offering coffee is to offer tea as well. We've got an extensive range of tea brands to support your hot drinks offering.

Hot chocolate

Who doesn’t like a warming cup of hot chocolate. Make sure you're bean to cup machine is stocked with the correct chocolate mixes or have your favourite brand of chocolate behind your coffee station ready.

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