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Coffee products with functional benefits (such as helping people to relax) appeal to 48% of coffee drinkers and presents a real distinct opportunity for how you market your coffee offering.¹

44% of those who drink and buy coffee say they are always looking for new coffees to try, rising to 59% of 16-34s giving outlets a wonderful opportunity to drive both differentiation and margin.¹

The coffee effect

Have you seen the latest at-home coffee trends on socials? The Dalgona or whipped coffee trend (pictured) has been very popular and only involves some instant coffee, sugar, water, milk and a whisk! The latest coffee invention to hit Tiktok is sparkling Americano. Simply pour an espresso over room temperature sparkling water and add a slice of orange. An ideal summer coffee drink as we move into the warmer months.

One of the top choices people are looking to buy most from coffee shops is premium chocolate drinks². Make sure hot chocolate is prominent on your menu, and make the most of that opportunity to premiumise your offering for extra profit.

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² Mintel, Coffee Shops, UK, 2021

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