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Keeping your menu fresh is vital in making your customers come back, as well as drawing in new business! So, with that in mind, we’d like to introduce you to a selection of products that we’ve called New4You. Discover inspirational new products across a range of categories, with useful insights and applications. Find out how these products could improve your customer offer and make your business more profitable.


According to a report on vegan food, the most popular vegan junk food people would consider eating are; plant-based burgers (37%), pizza (29%), ‘chicken’ nuggets (26%), sausage rolls (25%) and chocolate (23%)*.

New products:

  • Mediterranean vegan pizza 9 x 405g
  • Smoky BBQ pizza 9 x 405g
*Source: Foodspark 9 insights on vegan junk food March 2019₁ (The British Takeaway Campaign, 2019)

Alternative toppings and fillers

If you’re looking for a vegan alternative to regular pepperoni or bacon, LoveSeitan substitutes will be perfect for you. Love Seitan meets the growing consumer demand for vegan products, it’s high in protein and with a texture
and bite similar to meat, their products make the perfect vegan alternative.
Each products is low in fat, contains no cholesterol or GMO and is palm oil free.

New products:

  • Love Seitan Pepperoni 12 x 500g
  • Love Seitan Bacon 12 x 500g

Cheat on meat

Over a quarter of UK adults report to have eaten less meat in a typical week, making meat reduction one of the most widely adopted healthy eating behaviours in consumers*. Nowadays, there’s a huge variety of plant-based meat alternatives to turn to – some of which are made from natural whole foods, whereas others are more processed. Some are made from fruit, vegetables, soya or wheat.

New products:

  • Naked Glory Burger 2 x 18
  • Naked Glory Sausages 1 x 48pk
  • Garden Gourmet Incredible Burger 62 x 113g
  • Love Seitan Funky Chkyn Burger 12 x 400g
  • Love Seitan Funky Chykn Bites 12 x 500g
*Source: Mintel Attitudes towards Healthy Eating, 2019

Plant Power

Adding to our range of meat alternatives we’ve now launched Tempeh which is a natural plant protein and contains full chunks of soy beans. It is the most natural and unprocessed plant protein available and contains more fibre and protein than any other vegan source combined.

New product:

  • Tempeh 10 x 400g

Appealing alternatives

Cutting out dairy? If you are cooking for someone who avoids dairy products, substitutes are now widely available. Here is a selection of some cooking alternatives we have launched to make it easier for you to provide vegan options on your menu.

New products:

  •  Garden Gourmet mince 2 x 2kg
  •  Flora portions 100 x 10g
  •  Flora dairy free 6 x 2kg
  •  Macphie vegan white sauce 12 x 1ltr
  •  Macphie vegan cheese sauce 12 x 1ltr
  •  Macphie vegan cheese sauce 200 x 60g portions
  •  Flora plant based cream 8 x 1ltr

Go green

In a bid to cut down ocean pollution, these water brands are taking a significant steps to reduce plastic waste. We understand that plastic is a valuable resource that shouldn’t be treated as waste where possible and therefore we have launched these two new waters in 100% recycled and recyclable plastic bottles.

New products:

  • Buxton 100% rPET 15 x 750ml
  • Highland Spring 100% rPET 24 x 500ml

Commit through coffee

For every case purchased of the Msia Coffee Club medium roast coffee beans, we are giving £3 to the One Foundation to fund sustainable water projects in the Msia coffee region of Tanzania. The One Foundation’s mission is to be in a world in which everyone has access to clean, safe water forever, which we are proud to support! These single origin, 100% Tanzanian Arabica coffee beans, are slow-roasted for a full-bodied coffee with dark chocolate notes and a subtle citrus undertone. Perfect, for a silky, rich, smooth finish.

New products:

  • Msia Coffee Club Medium Roast 100% Tanzanian arabica coffee beans 6 x 1kg


100% naturally squeezed fruit juice that have a clean, fresh taste with every serve. From the ripe flesh to the aromatic peels, Eager uses the entire fruit in the making of its full range of drinks.

New products:

  • Eager cloudy pressed pineapple juice 8 x 1ltr Ambient
  • Eager cloudy pressed apple juice 8 x 1ltr Ambient
  • Eager squeezed smooth orange juice 8 x 1ltr Ambient
  • Eager pressed tomato juice 8 x 1ltr

Desserts & bakery

Bidfood sold over 1 million more portions of vegan cake or dessert in 2019 than 2018 showing a real need for vegan bakery offerings on menus. Therefore we have launched these two new vegan cake options to add to our range.

New products:

  • Vegan pear & ginger crumble cake 1 x 14ptn
  • Vegan trio of mini cheesecakes 3 x 10ptn
  • Handmade Cake Company individual vegan red velvet cake 1 x 18pk
  • Vegan chocolate & orange cake 1 x 14ptn
  • Vegan American pancakes 24 x 5pk
  • Vegan choc chip cookies 1 x 80pk

Eco to Go

Single use plastic is having a detrimental effect on the environment. The new Eco to Go range offers zero landfill and a lower carbon footprint with less deliveries than single use boxes. Ideal for any catering company that are becoming more aware of environmental issues and wanting to reduce single use packaging.

New products:

  • Soup container dia 4.25in x 2.75in deep 1 x 12pk
  • Single entrée container 4.75 x 4.75 x 3.25in deep 1 x 24pk
  • 3 compartment container 9 x 9in x 3.5in deep 1 x 12pk
  • Single compartment container 9 x 9×3.5in deep 1 x 12pk
  • Container 9 x 6.5in x 2.5in deep 1 x 12pk


These individually wrapped bite sized snacks, are an ideal sweet treat on the go! 45% of shoppers are now claiming to search for healthier snacking alternatives*.

New products:

  • Nature’s Heart 24 x 30g: blueberry & goji mix, strawberry, banana & pistatchio mix, dark chocolate goldenberries, dark chocolate bananas, Tropical Mix,
  • Nature’s Heart 24 x 40g: pineapple & chilli cashews
  • Handmade Cake Co individually wrapped mini brownies 36 x 30g
  • Tony’s Chocolonely 35 x 47g: milk hazelnut, milk caramel sea salt, dark almond sea salt
  • Tony’s Chocolonely milk 35 x 50g: Milk
*Source: The Power of Snacking report- Nielsen July 2018

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