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Keeping your menu fresh is vital in making your customers come back, as well as drawing in new business! So, with that in mind, we’d like to introduce you to a selection of products that we’ve called New4You. Discover inspirational new products across a range of categories, with useful insights and applications. Find out how these products could improve your customer offer and make your business more profitable.


Banana blossom

Following on from mock duck and jackfruit, banana blossom is the next plant based protein popping up on menus. Also known as a “banana heart” it’s a fleshy, purple skinned flower, shaped like a tear that grows at the end of a banana cluster. Traditionally used in South-East Asian and Indian cooking, we are now seeing it being used as a fish substitute due to its chunky, flaky texture. Here we’ve battered it to create the British favourite “fish” & chips. Check out page 35 of the e-zine for the full recipe.


New products:

  •  Banana blossom 24 x 510g (20051)


“Tofoo” is not like other tofu, it’s handmade using a secret Japanese recipe creating a better texture and taste. The quality of the mighty soya bean is vital and there is no rushing the process. Both the natural and smoked Tofoo is 100% organic, GM free, dairy free and yeast free. Tofu is such a versatile plant based protein and can be used in all manner of ways such as scrambled to replace egg for a vegan breakfast or in a curry, stir fry or salad. Here we’ve created a Tofu and cauliflower kung-pao – for the full recipe turn to page 37 of the e-zine.


New products:

  • Tofoo natural tofu block 6 x 1kg (40738)
  • Tofoo smoked block 6 x 1kg (40736)

Ready meals

These ready meals are perfect if you are looking for tasty, quick easy ways to offer a variety of vegan options on your menu. All frozen and individually portioned, you can take them from the freezer and cook as and when needed. Personalise the mac no cheese with BBQ jackfruit (51377) or pieces of our new vegan hot dog (see page 10 of the e-zine)


New products:

  • Mac no cheese 24 x 400g (40634)
  • Chilli non carne 24 x 350g (40638)
  • Turmeric & coconut vegan curry gluten free 15 x 300g (40639)
  • Lentil & butternut béchamel lasagne 24 x 400g (40637)

Have you spotted our brand new vegan cookbook?

Find out how we can help you with over 30 vegan recipes across a range of meal options!


Burgers and hotdogs

Did you know the most popular vegan junk food is a burger…..


We have added two new vegan burgers to our range. The ultimate burger from Quorn and a BBQ lentil & mixed seed burger. The Quorn burger is a thick cut protein based quarter pounder with the juices of beetroot to replicate meat that grills like a regular burger. The BBQ lentil and mixed seed burger is the perfect vegan burger for those not wanting to replicate meat, it consists of lots of protein filled seeds and pulses and is not only vegan it’s also gluten free. Following on from the success of the burger, we are really excited to launch the Moving Mountains vegan hot dog. It looks like a hot dog, has the texture of a hot dog and has the delicious authentic flavour of a hot dog as they are smoked in the traditional method. Vegans will love this hot dog but so will everyone else.


New products:

  • Quorn ultimate vegan burger  5 x 18pk (51392)
  • BBQ mixed seed & lentil burger  24 x 88g (55242)
  • Moving Mountains hot dog 24 x 155g (30086)

Vegan mayo

In 2017 mayonnaise was voted Britain’s favourite condiment* and with the growing trend of people adopting a plant based lifestyle there are now egg free alternatives that will appeal to vegans, flexitarians and those looking to reduce the amount of animal products they consume. Perfect for burgers, chips or homemade coleslaw and potato salad, we have launched a 1 litre bottle of vegan mayo that will appeal to consumers looking for a plant based alternative.


*Independent 2017


Grab & go

We all saw the excitement when Gregg’s launched their vegan sausage roll, showing that vegan hot grab & go options are clearly in demand. To cater to this demand we have introduced a selection of vegan products to our range including pasties, paninis, slices and our Everyday Favourites vegan sausage roll. All frozen, easy to cook and serve, why not add these to your menu and be a destination for vegan customers looking for classic hot lunchtime grab & go options.


New products:

  • Phat jackfruit pasty 20 x 283g (40734)
  • Everyday Favourites vegan pasty 30 x 180g (61258)
  • Everyday Favourites vegan sausage roll 50 x 100g (61256)


Discover our new vegan desserts which are perfect for all to enjoy. From easy no-cook cheesecakes to a zesty gluten free key lime pie, these tasty desserts will be enjoyed by all, not just vegans.


New products:

  • Premium Selection key lime pie gluten free 1 x 14ptn (61252)
  • Strawberry shortbread cheesecake 1 x 16ptn (40716)
  • Caramelised biscuit cheesecake 1 x 16ptn (40435)
  • Salted caramel cheesecake gluten free 1 x 20ptn (40711)

Sweet bakery

Our vegan sweet bakery range has a few new exciting additions, bringing you some of our favourite classic sweet bakery options in a vegan friendly format. Choose from a tasty bakewell tart, indulgent chocolate fudge cake and brownie or a mixed case of chocolate and red velvet cupcakes. When it comes to indulgence, these vegan sweet bakes will hit the spot.


New products:

  • Chocolate Fudge Cake 1 x 16ptn (40717)
  • Bakewell Tart Gluten Free 1 x 14ptn (40713)
  • Handmade Cake Company Chocolate Brownie Gluten Free 1 x 15ptn (40714)
  • Chocolate & Red Velvet Cupcakes Mixed Case 2 x 24pk (40715)

Drinks & snacks

Nix & Kix are multi-award winning refreshingly grown-up soft drinks with a kick that are all naturally low in calories. Proper Chips are a healthy alternative to a potato crisp yet still full of flavour! Both are under 100 calories per serving and contain 30% less fat then leading crisps.


New products:

  • Nix & Kix cucumber & mint 24 x 250ml (30027)
  • Nix & Kix blood orange & turmeric 24 x 250ml (30028)
  • Proper Chips sea salt lentil chips 24 x 20g (30056)
  • Nix & Kix mango & ginger 24 x 250ml (30026)
  • Proper Chips barbecue lentil chips 24 x 20g (30057)
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