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Keeping your menu fresh is vital in making your customers come back, as well as drawing in new business – doing so while saving money is even better! So, with that in mind, we’d like to introduce you to a selection of products that we’ve called New4You. Discover inspirational new products across a range of categories, with useful insights and applications. Find out how these products could improve your customer offer and make your business more profitable.


Fresh farm pressed goodness

Lots of people in the UK are now creating their own homemade juices in a bid to live a healthier lifestyle. Our new range of B.fresh cold pressed juices are a great in-store alternative. Each 250ml bottle is classed as 1 of your 5 a day as well as delivering on healthy hydration and is a good source of vitamins and minerals. What’s more each bottle is under 100 calories.


The juice is cold pressed rather than pasteurised which means that the product retains the highest level of vitamins and minerals. The cold pressing also creates a stronger fresher flavour and colour than traditional juicing methods.


Supplier story


Philip Maddocks, a third generation farmer from Shropshire, has grown lettuce and spinach for 25 years. As a home juicer, Philip saw an opportunity for a British grower to produce cold pressed vegetable and fruit juices for the UK market. So, he built a purpose built juicery on the farm and did just that. Now, B.fresh operates on an own-grown and known-grown philosophy to ensure that provenance is at the heart of what they do.


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Cold brew coffee

Cold brew coffee is a concept that has taken the US by storm and is offered in lots of coffee shops. Different to iced coffee, which is hot coffee poured over ice; cold brew coffee is coffee grounds brewed in cold water for an extended amount of time.


Point Blank Cold Brew Coffee is brewed for between 15 and 20 hours before it is finely filtered and bottled.


It has no sugar, no fat, no additives or preservatives and is only one calorie, making it a great healthier source of energy to traditional energy drinks.


Take part in uk coffee week & support project waterfall


Black + White Coffee Co. is proud to be a friend of UK Coffee Week, a nationwide celebration of coffee that takes place in thousands of coffee shops across the country, raising valuable funds for Project Waterfall to bring clean water and sanitation to coffee growing communities. Black+White Coffee Co. customers can receive £5 off the UK Coffee Week sign up fee by using the code ‘BIDFOODFRIEND’ on*


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Starters & buffet

We’ve launched a new range of smaller bites from Paramount 21 that are perfect for your buffet and starter menus. Each product is all about the taste. Taking inspiration from increasingly popular menu options and trends within the market, these products are bound to interest your customers when they feature on your menu.


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Veggie power

We are constantly looking to improve our range and bring you new ideas to help keep your menu fresh and inspiring for your customers.


Last edition we bought you some new Premium Selection and Quorn vegetarian products and this month we are launching even more vegetarian options for your menu.


The Quinotto (risotto with quinoa) and Vegan Penang Curry are also the perfect bases if you want to customise the dish by adding your choice of meat. Why not try chargrilled king prawns or torn chicken breast?


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Perfect pastries for Hygge

This month we are embracing the Danish Hygge concept with some delicious new Danish pastries. The Danish word, pronounced ‘hoo-ga’ translates into English as ‘cosiness’, but it’s much more than that. It’s an attitude to life that helps make Denmark one of the happiest countries in the world.


Intrinsic to the hygge lifestyle is food, especially sweet treats and baked goods because of the comfort and happiness they bring. The hygge trend has now started to emerge within UK foodservice with outlets taking on different elements of the hygge way of life by serving Danish and Scandi inspired pastries.


Our new Danish Pastry Temptations range offers your customers a chance to tap into this trend. We have four authentic Danish pastries in the range including three folded and filled buns in classic Cinnamon, Lemon and Wild Berry and a Cinnamon Plait, perfect for sharing with family & friends.


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Summer ice creams


New Yarde Farm Summer ice cream, exclusive to us!


To celebrate the launch of Create Summer 2017 we’ve teamed up with the guys at Yarde Farm to create some amazing new ice cream flavours for your summer menus. These ice creams are brand new and exclusive to Bidfood. The flavours incorporate popular food combinations that you see across the foodservice market. They are bound to excite and intrigue your customers, making these ice creams a ‘must try’.


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The London Beer Factory

The newest craft beer into our ViVAS range comes from The London Beer Factory. Brimming with personality these four beers come in engaging stylish designs on their 360° can, where customers can safely take the whole top off and drink from. Their design is not only innovative in its function but also will stand out behind your bar. This along with the beers unique flavours and irresistible aromas make this brand a great one to have in your fridges.


The London Beer Factory is the first ever UK brewery to release its entire range in 360˚ cans. The 360 design enables the drinker to completely remove the lid, allowing the full spectrum of flavour and aroma to leap out of the can.


Supplier story


The London Beer Factory is a craft brewery founded in early 2014 by brothers Ed and Sim Cotton. From day one they have been committed to producing beer with character; beer with unique flavours and engaging aromas; beer brimming with personality and distinctive qualities. Distilling these principles into every single brew, we have developed a broad range of unfiltered, unpasteurised beer, incorporating a wide array of hops and malts from around the world.


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Premium Selection mains

Launching into our Premium Selection range we’ve got three new worldly main meals that are all easy to cook, on-trend and have been entered into the Best New Main Course category at the BFFF Awards.


Memphis style beef


Inspired by BBQ from the Deep South of America, this Premium Selection Memphis Style Beef has the classic ‘cooked in a pit’ flavour. The flavour is achieved with a Deep South coating rubbed into the beef and then a Deep South-inspired sauce is added. The product is sous-vide to lock in the flavours and give your customers a true American BBQ experience.


Lamb Moussaka


Our Lamb Moussaka has been elevated to the next level with the inclusion of both shredded and minced lamb that has been slow-cooked for three and a half hours. There is also the edition of halloumi cheese, all of which gives this dish a more premium flavour.


Korean pork three ways


These Korean Pork Belly Strips are so versatile they can be used in various recipes meaning you can use the same product on different menus. Take a look below for three oriental-inspired dishes.

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