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Keeping your menu fresh is vital in making your customers come back, as well as drawing in new business – doing so while saving money is even better! So, with that in mind, we’d like to introduce you to a selection of products that we’ve called New4You. Discover inspirational new products across a range of categories, with useful insights and applications. Find out how these products could improve your customer offer and make your business more profitable.


This month we’re bringing a bumper edition to you with our New4You inspired by vegan food & drink. Check out our fantastic selection of key product focuses below and coming soon to our inspired by page we will be showcasing our vegan range of meal occasions, recipes and those all important catering supplies.



If you don’t know about jackfruit yet, you will soon. It’s one of the most interesting plant-based ingredients for vegan cooking to hit the market recently and is set to be one of the biggest trends of 2018. And now jackfruit is available from Bidfood.


But why is jackfruit perfect for your own vegan creations? It is all about the way it looks and its texture which resembles meat once prepared. It also doesn’t have much flavour itself, but absorbs the flavours of the sauces you cook it in which is what makes it such a versatile ingredient.


To prepare jackfruit to make it look like a pulled meat, simply cut the core off of the jackfruit chunks – this can be used in recipes where you want a more dense jackfruit piece, for example in stews so don’t throw it away. Once the cores have been removed pull apart the jackfruit so that it looks shredded. This can be added to sautéed onions to give it a little flavour and then coated in the sauce and spices of your choice to create your dish.


Featured product: 

  • Chefs Choice jackfruit 24 x 565g (37010)


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Vegan duck

Another ingredient that is popular in vegan cooking is an alternative to duck called mock duck. This ingredient comes ambient, in a can, and is made of wheat-gluten, oil, sugar, soy and salt. Its appearance and texture is that of plucked-duck making it a popular ingredient in traditional Oriental cooking.


Now it’s a perfect option for vegan cooking as is another ingredient that resembles the look and texture of a meat. It is also perfect for hitting not only the vegan trend but the Oriental trend on your menus. You can use mock duck in oriental-style broths as well as creating noodle and rice dishes plus it’s ideal for vegan duck pancakes.


We’ve also launched another vegan duck ingredient from Linda McCartney. Our new shredded hoisin duck is a frozen alternative to mock duck. This product is already shredded and has a hoisin flavour for customers that want a more ready-to-use ingredient. Here we’ve used the hoisin duck in Chinese-style vegan pancakes.


Featured products:

  • Mock Duck 48 x 283g (37008)
  • Linda McCartney vegetarian shredded hoisin duck 6 x 300g (38135)


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Vegan cheese

The restriction of dairy products can be one of the reasons people find living a plant-based vegan diet so difficult, especially when eating out. It can also make it difficult for operators to create exciting menu options. So we’ve sourced a fantastic range of vegan cheese from Nature & Moi which are also a source of calcium, protein, fibre and vitamin B12.


The range includes replacements for traditional cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan in sliced and grated options to help you create ‘cheesy’ menu options for your vegan customers.


Featured products:

  • Vegan grated parmesan cheese 10 x 1kg (38140)
  • Vegan sliced cheddar style cheese 6 x 1kg (38142)
  • Vegan grated cheddar style cheese 10 x 1kg (38139)
  • Vegan sliced mozzarella style cheese 6 x 1kg (38143)
  • Vegan grated mozzarella style cheese 10 x 1kg (38141)


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Vegan centre of plate

If you’re looking at developing vegan options for your menus you’ll probably start with thinking about your main menu and the centre of plate. Well there is good news! Thanks to the likes of Linda McCartney, Quorn and Daloon there are plenty of simple options you can use to quickly and easily create vegan lunch and dinner options.


Sausages and burgers are a perfect starting point for adding vegan options to your menus. It’s an easy swap or addition. If you already have burger options on your menu it’s going to be simple to create a vegan version with your choice of our new vegan patties available. Vegan sausages are perfect for creating vegan casseroles as well as vegan sausage and mash. All options you could serve for meat-eaters and simply swap out the meat sausage for a vegan sausage. Remember to take out dairy ingredients as well (e.g. butter in the mash). And not forgetting the Quorn fishless finger is perfect for making those lunchtime ‘fish finger’ sarnies.


Featured products:

  • Linda McCartney vegan chorizo red pepper sausage 6 x 300g (38136)
  • Quorn vegan fishless finger 8 x 200g (38126)
  • Linda McCartney pulled pork style burger 12 x 113g (38133)
  • Quorn vegan brown burger 12 x 160g (38127)
  • Quorn vegan Cumberland sausage 12 x 300g (38128)
  • Daloon Thai vegetable burger 24 x 113g (76216)


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Going global

Curries and rice dishes are another great way to add vegan options to your menus. Taking inspiration from recent trends such as regional American cuisine and modern Indian we’ve launched vegan versions of Jambalaya – a Southern American favourite, and Keralan curry from Southern India. Both dishes can showcase you as a business with a foodie flair that provides interesting flavours and new ideas on your menus – even when it comes to your vegan options.


To add to this we’ve also found two amazing vegan naans from Clay Oven Bakery, the perfect accompaniment to the Keralan curry. But they can also be used as a vegan flatbread or wrap with their soft fluffy texture and thin depth.


Featured products:

  • Vegan black bean jambalaya 12 x 320g (38129)
  • Vegan naan quarters 6 x 24pk (38153)
  • Keralan cauliflower pepper curry 12 x 340g (38132)
  • Vegan garlic & coriander naan halves 3 x 24pk (38155)


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Nut milks and vegan yogurt

Did you know 1 in 7 customers not choose plant-based drinks out of home?* Another important part of following a vegan diet is finding suitable replacements for dairy products such as milk. These Alpro plant-based alternatives are nutrient-rich and a perfect alternative.


Featured products:

  • Alpro almond unsweetened 8 x 1ltr (36848)
  • Alpro cashew original 8 x 1ltr (36846)
  • Alpro oat original 8 x 1ltr (36849)
  • Alpro coconut original 8 x 1ltr (44779)
  • Alpro soya yogurt 6 x 500g 38137


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*Allegra Project Café 2017


Rebel kitchen

Rebel Kitchen is a fantastic new alternative to traditional flavoured milks for your customers that follow a vegan or dairy free diet. Rebel Kitchen Mylks are made from simple natural ingredients and are certified as organic by the Soil Association. The company is committed to sustainability and are committed to creating healthy business practices. They are also a member of 1% for the Planet and they’ve pledged to donate at least 1% of their sales to non-profit partners.


We’re launching four flavours from two ranges with Rebel Kitchen. A chocolate and an iced coffee mylk from their adult 330ml range, and a banana mylk and chocolate and orange mylk from their 250ml Little Rebels range, designed for kids. All drinks are CQUIN compliant.


Featured products:

  • Rebel Kitchen dairy free organic chocolate mylk 12 x 330ml (37591)
  • Rebel Kitchen dairy free organic coffee mylk 12 x 330ml (37592)
  • Rebel Kitchen dairy free organic banana mylk 12x250ml (37590)
  • Rebel Kitchen dairy free organic orange chocolate mylk 12x250ml • Ambient


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Vegan desserts

Last summer we launched three new vegan desserts that went down a storm. So we’re adding to the range to give you more choice! To add to the three sweet tarts already available from Bidfood we’re launching a new vegan chocolate orange tart and vegan lemon swirl cheesecake, both from Classic Cuisine.


Featured products:

  • Vegan lemon swirl cheesecake 1 x 12ptn (38151)
  • Vegan chocolate & orange tart 1 x 14ptn (38152)


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Sweet vegan bakery

Customers that follow a vegan diet still want to be able to indulge on sweet treats, and providing on-the-go options is important. We’ve looked to Honeybuns, Sidoli and our own brands Everyday Favourites and Premium Selection to bring you vegan sweet treats that don’t compromise on taste.


Featured products:

  • Honeybuns vegan dark chocolate & salted caramel traybake 1 x 16ptn (38144)
  • Honeybuns vegan Persian flapjack traybake 1 x 16ptn (38149)
  • Honeybuns vegan apple crumble bar traybake 1 x 16ptn (38146)
  • Honeybuns vegan cinnamon & sultana traybake 1 x 16ptn (38148)
  • Premium Selection vegan caramel chocolate brownie 1 x 30ptn (61122)
  • Everyday Favourites vegan fruity flapjacks 1 x 36ptn (61123)


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