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Keeping your menu fresh is vital in making your customers come back, as well as drawing in new business – doing so while saving money is even better! So, with that in mind, we’d like to introduce you to a selection of products that we’ve called New4You. Discover inspirational new products across a range of categories, with useful insights and applications. Find out how these products could improve your customer offer and make your business more profitable.




Brits spend £13 billion a year on eating out for breakfast, making it the fastest growing day part in the total eating-out market*, and we can really see the impact from this with an increase in outlets offering breakfast as part of their menu. Making your business a destination for breakfast, whether your customer is looking for quick on-the-go option before work or a leisurely weekend brunch, is sure to help increase footfall through your doors. And with the average spend for breakfast having risen by 9% to £5.42 in February 2018 compared to the same period last year** it is worth looking into the margin opportunity.


We’re launching three new breakfast pastries from Délifrance including a vegan blueberry filled croissant made with spelt flour which is perfect for people following a vegan or dairy free diet, a honey filled seeded croissant made from wholemeal flour, linseeds, poppy & sunflower seeds and a decadent triple pain au chocolat made with a white chocolate and milk chocolate filling and topped with dark chocolate nibs. Each pastry is ready to bake and the vegan blueberry croissant and the pain au chocolat take 21-23 minutes in the oven at 170°C whilst the honey filled seeded croissant takes a little longer at 28-30 minutes at 160°C.


Featured products:

  • Délifrance triple pain au choc 60 x 100g (39972)
  • Délifrance vegan blueberry croissant 48 x 100g (39974)
  • Délifrance honey filled croissant 48 x 90g (39975)


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*Mintel – Cakes and Cake Bars UK March 2017
**Mintel – Breakfast Cereals 2017

Take a look at even more breakfast options below

Making your business a destination for breakfast

Premium Selection luxury fruit muesli 4 x 2kg (29393)

If it’s muesli that you’d like to offer at breakfast we’ve got our recently launched Premium Selection muesli. A delicious blend of whole rolled oats, wheat flakes and toasted malted wheat flakes with a mix of dried sweetened fruit, perfect for a tasty breakfast

Everyday Favourites granola 4 x 2kg (29423)

Looking for a new granola? Look no further. Our Everyday Favourites granola is packed full of dried fruits and nuts such as wholegrain oat flakes, raisins, sultanas, sunflower seeds, flaked almonds, desiccated coconut, toasted coconut and roasted nibbed almonds


What’s new from Black + White Coffee Co.

Black + White Coffee Co. is a modern and bold coffee brand offering a range of delicious artisan coffees and now Fairtrade freeze dried coffee and hot chocolate with Fairtrade cocoa and sugar. We’ve also got all the extras including sugar sticks, takeaway coffee cups, a range of branded crockery and plenty of POS to help you get your coffee offering up and running. These two new options from the Black + White Coffee Co. range will sit perfectly with your existing offering and provide a delicious taste, a consistent high quality and a competitive price point.


New products:

  • Black + White Coffee Co. Fairtrade freeze dried coffee 10 x 300g (53479)
  • Black + White Coffee Co. medium roast Fairtrade filter coffee 30 x 200g (60712) 
  • Black + White Coffee Co. hot chocolate with Fairtrade cocoa & sugar 10 x 1kg (60747)


Don’t forget to order your free Black + White Coffee Co. coffee and POS sample today! 


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That’s one smart cookie

Cookies are a popular, indulgent treat that can be enjoyed at any time of the day from a mid-morning snack through to an afternoon pick me up and we’re really excited to launch a new range of cookies to satisfy that sweet craving. Included in the range, we have our first ever filled cookies in two delicious flavours, chocolate and caramel. Both are thaw and serve making them ideal for operators without the use of oven facilities.


For those customers looking for their favourite chocolate treat, we have two new Cadbury branded cookies, in caramel chocolate and dairy milk chocolate. Delicious pieces of Cadbury chocolate and Cadbury caramel embedded within a soft chewy cookie, both in puck formats, ready to bake to serve sumptuously warm and gooey! Finally we have the perfect hybrid: a gingerbread cookie. Warming stem ginger pieces and chocolate chips encased in a cinnamon spiced cookie dough.


New products:

  • Cadbury caramel cookie puck 120 x 50g (39967)
  • Gingerbread cookie puck 96 x 80g (39970)
  • Chocolate filled cookie 54 x 75g (39969)
  • Caramel filled cookie 54 x 75g (39971)
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk cookie puck 120 x 50g (39968)

There is also a great range of POS material and display options available, subject to agreement. To find out more phone CSM Bakery Solutions on 0800 783 4697.


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Go nuts!

Just in time for the summer season of socialising and al fresco dining, we’re excited to announce that brand new to our own brands Premium Selection and Everyday Favourites is a fantastic selection of nut and bar mixes perfect as complementary and paid-for snacking. This range of nuts and snacks are packaged in convenient resealable tubs with film lids ideal for keeping them fresh in a bar environment. Simply decant into your display jars or portion out into ramekins or dishes, it’s up to you.


Featured product:

  • Everyday Favourites rice cracker & peanut mix 1 x 2.25kg (37863)


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Perfect for bars, restaurants, pubs & accomodation

Take a look at our other brand new nut products

Everyday Favourites spicy chilli rice crackers 2 x 1.1kg (37925)

Premium Selection wasabi coated peanuts 2 x 2.25kg (89591)

Everyday Favourites roasted & salted cashew nuts 2 x 2.5kg (37928)


What’s new from Quality Cuisine?

With an increasing demand for gluten free and vegetarian options that are both exciting and colourful we’ve responded with a range of three savoury tray bakes from Quality Cuisine. Using local ingredients, superfood inclusions and a range of seed toppings these tray bakes are perfect for a lunch time offering or as part of a buffet. To complement this range we’ve also launched two new tarts, both also vegetarian and gluten free that sit perfectly alongside a salad for a lunch option or as a stand-alone starter.


Featured products:

  • Quality Cuisine gluten free roasted butternut squash beetroot and feta cheese tray bake 2 x 1kg (38035)
  • Quality Cuisine gluten free roasted tomato peppers & mozzarella pesto tray bake 2 x 1kg (38040)
  • Quality Cuisine gluten free goat’s cheese, red onion & spinach tray bake 2 x 1kg (38039)


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Tantalising gluten free tarts

What else is in the Quality Cuisine range?

Find out more about Quality Cuisine here

Quality Cuisine gluten free Monterey Jack cheese & roquito pepper tart 12 x 100g (38038)

Quality Cuisine gluten free goat's cheese and red onion tart 12 x 100g (38036)


Too Good To Be Gluten Free pies

Offering gluten free options is less of an optional and more of a ‘must do’ these days and the foodservice market has responded well over the last 5 years to improve their offering to customers with gluten intolerances and Coeliac disease. And moving forward 91% of catering businesses believe gluten free will increase its presence on menus over the next 3 years* so we understand the need to continue to innovate and provide your customers with new options. One area that is an all-time popular menu choice is pie, and offering gluten free pies on your menu can be pretty impressive for customers. These new Too Good To Be Gluten Free pies are all approved and accredited by Coeliac UK and are a fantastic choice for customers. The eggs used are British free range and the beef and chicken in the meat pies is Red Tractor.


Featured products:

  • Too Good To Be Gluten Free red thai chicken pie 8 x 200g (39978)
  • Too Good To Be Gluten Free cauliflower, kale & stilton open pie 8 x 170g (39976)
  • Too Good To Be Gluten Free steak, red wine & shallot pie 8 x 190g (39977)


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*MCA Insight – Menu & Food Trends 2016


What a catch!

Launching with Bidfood are some brand new cod and haddock goujons from Whitby Seafoods. Both goujons are perfect not only as part of a main meal with chips but also used in a posh fish finger sandwich. Both breaded goujons are also MSC certified.


Also launching from Whitby Seafoods is the glorious grains scampi – a great choice for customers that are looking for something a little more special than traditional scampi. The langoustine tails are wrapped in a wholegrain crumb containing red and blonde quinoa, yellow and brown linseed, amaranth seeds, kibbled rye and oats. Serve with an optional side choice of salad instead of chips to attract customers looking for a lighter option on your menu.


Featured products:

  • Whitby breaded cod goujons 10 x 450g (41922)
  • Whitby glorious grains scampi 10 x 450g (41923)
  • Whitby breaded haddock goujons 10 x 450g (41924)


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Summer cheesecakes

Dessert is an important part of the eating out experience and an easy way to increase spend per customer. To enable you to maximise this opportunity, it’s important to include a combination of classic, traditional nostalgia with fun and innovation! Our new range of cheesecakes from the English Cheesecake Company helps you do exactly that!


Cheesecakes are a popular classic and being the nations favourite dessert1, a key staple for your dessert menu. Our new range of cheesecakes brings you something different and helps you to inject some excitement into your menu, with innovative twists in delightfully summery flavours from Sicilian lemon brûlée, strawberries & cream and piña colada.


Featured products:

  • Piña colada 1 x 14ptn (39983)
  • Sicilian lemon brûlée  1 x 14ptn (39986)
  • Strawberries & west country clotted cream 1 x 14ptn (39980)
  • Baked passionfruit pavlova 1 x 14ptn (39984)
  • Lotus biscoff raspberry 1 x 14ptn (39981)


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