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Keeping your menu fresh is vital in making your customers come back, as well as drawing in new business – doing so while saving money is even better! So, with that in mind, we’d like to introduce you to a selection of products that we’ve called New4You. Discover inspirational new products across a range of categories, with useful insights and applications. Find out how these products could improve your customer offer and make your business more profitable.


Burrito fillings

Burritos are proving to be a popular choice with consumers as more and more Mexican and burrito restaurants pop up all across the UK including; Barburrito, Mission Burrito and Wahaca just to name a few. It’s clear burritos are big business, as even The Breakfast Club are getting in on the trend and have a breakfast burrito on their lunch menus. The Mexican trend has been around for a long time however it is a trend that still has a high amount of market appeal and is still in growth – growing at 56% in 2016. But operators are coming up with new ways to reinvent the Mexican trend and a big part of the burritos appeal is the opportunity to provide the dish as an on-the-go option for consumers. Launching with Bidfood these four new burrito fillings from the Authentic Food Company make providing burrito options easy. Each filling can be microwaved and just placed on the wrap ready to roll. And these burritos are a fusion of American flavours and concepts.


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Regional American sauces

The British love affair with all foods American, from dude food to regional BBQ, is taking over menus all over the UK. But consumers are now, more than ever, interested in where their food comes from in America and this includes not only the USA but Central and Southern America. So to help you add a bit of regionality to your American dishes we’ve launched this complete range of regional American sauces from Lion.

Each sauce is multi-use, making them easy to apply to your menu in various ways. They can be used as a quick and easy marinade for your BBQ meats, as a drizzle over ribs and wings or used to bring a bit of heat to your salads and sandwiches.


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Big Al’s small portions

Chicken fillet

Perfect as a chicken burger or in a chicken wrap this fillet will work perfectly with the new chilli wrap from Mission foods and the buttermilk dressing from Lion, to give your wrap a real American Cuisine feel. And because it is 85g, it is school compliant meaning it is perfect for primary and secondary schools.

Flame cooked burger

As these flame-cooked burgers are thin patties, they work really well being stacked up into a double or even a triple burger! Serve with the Louisiana BBQ Sauce for the perfect double or triple stack Louisiana BBQ burger!


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Taking a walk down sweet street

One trend within real American cuisine that isn’t going away is indulgence. But why should you put one of these products from Sweet Street on your menu? Well, Sweet Street produce authentic handmade American desserts from their production facilities in Pennsylvania and South Carolina.


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Sweet sweet loaf

Loaf cakes have been on the rise in the foodservice market over the last few years, due to their rustic homemade feel and ease of display. Plus customers, love them! Launching this September for Bidfood customers is our new range of Everyday Favourites and Premium Selection loaf cakes. We launched eight new flavours in the range, including some essentials and some more exotic flavours, so there is something there for everyone. Each loaf cake comes frozen and pre-portioned into 15 portions, making these cakes easy and convenient to store, defrost and sell.


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Fabulously festive coffee

As the Autumn draws in it’s not long until the Christmas coffee trade picks up and you see all things spiced, warming and indulgent in shops and on coffee menus. It’s one of the first signs of the Christmas period kicking in in foodservice. For September we are launching two new seasonal flavours of Monin syrups and new salted caramel coffee toppers so that you can also add speciality coffees to your menus and drive a higher price point on your coffee menu. But you can’t forget the Monin gingerbread syrup that is already in the range. Although not new, this popular festive flavour is also a perfect addition to coffees over Christmas. And what are the perfect beans to create your Christmas coffees? We’d recommend the Costa Rican Medium Roast from Black + White Coffee Co.


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Little and cull pressed meat

These three award-winning pressed meats from Little & Cull are an excellent example of fantastic innovation brought to your kitchens by a British producer that cares about quality, provenance and most importantly taste. Little & Cull, that was created by two Toms; Tom Little of Tom’s Pies and Tom Cull of the Dartmoor Kitchen, is now a leading producer of premium sous-vide and prepared meals. All of the Little & Cull products are made using the best quality provenance ingredients with British free-range and farm-assured meats, eggs and dairy. The meat from these three new pressed meats launching in September is slow-cooked, making these centre of plate options full of flavour. Each product is individually packed and holds its square shape well. This unusual shape for the meat provides this menu option a point of difference and makes it simple to dress. The very British flavour profile makes them an easy add-on to your menus next to a simple side of British veggies. But they also work well cut in half and served as a duo with another centre of plate protein such as lamb cutlet, fillet steak or pork belly, allowing you to premiumise your offering.


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Everyday Favourites pies

New and improved! Our Everyday Favourites pies are a popular choice as they have a great price point, are simple and easy to prepare and are delicious. But we’ve reviewed this range and we decided there were areas we could improve. So we’ve done just that, we’ve improved the recipe for you, improving the shape and the amount of filling and we’ve launched two new flavours for you.


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