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New4You Modern India edition

Keeping your menu fresh is vital in making your customers come back, as well as drawing in new business – doing so while saving money is even better! So, with that in mind, we’d like to introduce you to a selection of brand new products for New4You Modern India. Discover inspirational new products across a range of categories, with useful insights and applications. Find out how these products could improve your customer offer and make your business more profitable.



Carrying Indian flavour to your menus

A new wave of restaurants is changing the perception of Indian dining. The growth of premium restaurants and the trend for ‘new Indian’ style food means products are needed to meet this demand. For example, use a smaller sized naan for tapas-style portions and add toppings to serve like an artisan flatbread. Introducing our new 4” Sourdough naan! We’ve also launched a new folded naan, that is ideal as an alternative carrier for take away options such as sandwiches or wraps.


Fill this naan with the bold flavours and dishes of modern Indian cuisine, like the vegetarian Quality Cuisine layered potato, cauliflower & lentil dhal (42496) for a really interesting sandwich option for your customers.


New products:

  • Sourdough naan 4” 40 x 35g (61462)
  • Folded naan flatbread 24 x 80g (61705)


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Introducing the dosa

The dosa is a traditional savoury pancake from Southern India with a similar appearance to a crepe. It’s main ingredients are urad and rice and has now become a popular carrier and accompaniment within the British foodservice market, and is perfect for street food and food to-go concepts. The new dosa mix from Middleton provides the easy solution for serving up an authentic Indian pancake, just add water to the mix. An ideal alternative to lengthy scratch-cook preparation. Here we’ve used it as a carrier for a delicious roasted cauliflower, chickpea and potato salad, ideal as a grab-and-go lunch option


New products:

  • Dosa Pancake Mix 4 x 3.5kg Ambient (42717)


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It’s all about that base

Two suppliers that really know how to bring the bold uncompromising flavours of world cuisines to life are Holy Cow! and The Street Food Company and we’ve got some fantastic new pastes and sauces from them that fit perfectly into the modern Indian trend. Whether you are looking for a ready-to-use sauce or a paste to layer flavours onto, these four new products will give you a great base for your modern Indian dish. Each recipe is inspired by regional dishes from around India to give you authenticity on your menus and provide a great flavour that rivals creations by some of the top street food vendors.


New products:

  • Street Food Masala Goa paste 6 x 1kg (61438)
  • Street Food Mughlai butter paste 6 x 1kg (61437)
  • Holy Cow! Bengali Jalfrezi curry sauce RTU 6 x 1kg (61422)
  • Holy Cow! Goan Xacuti Curry Sauce RTU 6 x 1kg (61423)


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Adding a modern twist to Indian classics

This exciting range of modern Indian single-serve ready meals has been developed exclusively for Bidfood customers by our team of in-house development chefs and bought to life by Quality Cuisine down in the heart of the South West. We’ve taken some of the popular authentic Indian dishes and added modern twists to offer something new and exciting for your menu. Whilst some of the range are fusion products such as the Keema hotpot- an Indian take on the British classic shepherd’s pie and the chilli paneer, a clever Indo-Chinese fusion dish, others are traditional Indian classics using current on-trend ingredients, such as the Gobi Dansak which uses chunky pieces of roasted cauliflower. One thing’s for sure, they’ve got the bold flavours that Indian cuisine is synonymous for, perfectly redeveloped for British consumers.

Take a look at our brand new range

Modern Indian single-serve ready meals

Quality Cuisine Kashmiri butter chicken 12 x 300g (61484)

Tandoori chicken chunks are coated in a delicious mild thick butter chicken sauce. Serve with toasted almonds on top to add more of a nutty flavour and some added crunch

Quality Cuisine royal pilaf 12 x 300g (61485)

A sweetly spiced basmati rice jewelled with cranberries and apricot, lightly flavoured with shredded coconut and fried onions

Quality Cuisine Keema lamb hotpot 12 x 300g (61483)

An Indian take on the popular cult British classic shepherd’s pie. Delicious spiced lamb mince marinated in cumin and garlic and topped with diced potatoes marinated in garam masala, turmeric and kalonji seeds

Quality Cuisine chilli paneer 12 x 300g (61478)

A fantastic fusion of Indian and Chinese cuisines this chilli paneer is sweet and savoury with chunky peppers, onions and chilli coated diced paneer

Quality Cuisine chana masala 12 x 300g (61477)

A mildly spiced traditional Punjab Chana Masala made with lentils, chickpeas and a subtle hint of caramelised onions

Quality Cuisine gobi dhansak 12 x 300g (61480) and Quality Cuisine layered Bombay potato, cauliflower & lentil dhal 12 x 300g (42496)

A delicious vegetarian version of the traditional Dhansak that is popular with the Parsi community in India. This dish is crammed full with chunky pieces of lightly spiced cauliflower along with a sweet note from a hint of mango chutney. It has a warming mouth feel with a hint of heat that builds with every mouthful.

A large roasted cauliflower with layers of spiced Bombay potatoes and butternut squash chunks with a lentil dahl and coriander dressing drizzle

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Fusion desserts

Incorporating modern Indian cuisine into your desserts range doesn’t mean you need to transform your whole menu into an Indian feast. We’ve taken fusion as the inspiration here, taking your customers favourite desserts and adding the bold flavours synonymous with Indian cuisine to give these desserts a delicious new flavour profile that will excite and tempt your customers.


New products:

  • Chocolate, cardamom & pistachio tart 1 x 14ptn (61459)
  • Gooey chocolate & cardamom pudding 1 x 12pk (61461)
  • Alphonso mango & lime cheesecake 1 x 14ptn (61458)
  • Cinnamon & sultana bread & butter pudding 1 x 14ptn (61460)


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Spiced cakes

Much like our new range of desserts these two new cakes from Premium Selection are bursting with flavour inspired by Indian cuisine. Chai is a classic Indian flavour that has become popular already with the introduction and the increase in popularity of Chai lattes, while the jewelled carrot cake is spiced with cardamom, rose hip and mandarin oil. What’s more, they’ll look and smell delicious on your cake display.

Take a look at our brand new range

Premium Selection Indian inspired cakes

Premium Selecion caramel chai latte cake 1 x 14ptn (61160)

A multi-layered cake combining three different cakes – ginger, chai-spiced and lemon and earl grey, sandwiched together with caramel and buttercream

Premium Selection jewelled carrot cake 1 x 14ptn (61161)

A spiced carrot cake, filled and topped with a saffron flavoured cream cheese frosting, decorated with pistachio, rose petals and cornflower petals

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