On the go


On the go

Did you know food-to-go is the fastest growing component of the eating out market?* Tap into the spirit of the season and add some festive options to your menus.


*Source: MCA Food to go 2017

Grab a hold of our festive food-to-go options below

On the go

Proper Cornish turkey & cranberry pasty 20 x 283g (74170) & Phat Pasty turkey, pork & cranberry Christmas sausage roll 80 x 147g (32496)

Diced turkey, cranberries and vegetables in gravy encased in a hand crimped pasty case

Turkey, pork and cranberry sausage roll, flavoured with sage and onion

Phat Pasty Christmas mince pie & custard pasty 60 x 70g (32495)

Phat Christmas mince pie and custard pasty with a festive holly leaf decoration

NEW iced & topped gingerbread muffin 24 x 115g (42309)

A gingerbread flavoured muffin, injected with a gingerbread filling and topped with a toffee icing. Hand finished with a gingerbread man sugar paste plaque

NEW We Love Cake individually wrapped stollen slice 18 x 80g (77459)

An individually wrapped continental fruit bread with sultanas, currants and marzipan, all dipped in butter and
coated with a sweet dusting

NEW We Love Cake individually wrapped iced fruitcake slice 18 x 90g (77458)

An individually wrapped, wheat, gluten and milk free rich, moist fruit cake, made with sultanas, raisins, glacé cherries, almonds, dates and mixed peel, all topped with a layer of marzipan and white icing

Toffee apple flowerpot muffin 24 x 105g (32430)

An apple muffin with apple pieces throughout, filled with an indulgent toffee apple filling. Iced with toffee icing and finished with a hand placed chocolate and butterscotch plaque

Black + White coffee Co. & double wall disposable cups

From bean to cup we've got your Christmas coffees covered with our Black + White Coffee Co. range, plus make sure your on the go offering is complete with our range of christmas penguin cups - perfect for customers both young and old!

Tyrrells sea salt & cider vinegar crisps 24 x 40g (74569)

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