Street Eats new products

Check out some of our new street food inspired products. To see the full range of new products download out street eats brochure at the bottom of the page

NEW Halloumi fries 1 x 45pk (51370)

Strips of halloumi covered in a seasoned breadcrumb, perfect as a side or stand alone snack

NEW BBQ pulled jackfruit 1 x 1kg (51377)

Already pulled and mixed with a sweet BBQ sauce, this is a great vegan alternative to BBQ pulled pork

NEW Everyday Favourites chicken wings 1 x 2.5kg (61173, 61174, 61775)

Introducing three new flavours of our Everyday Favourites chicken wings, each finger licking flavour is distinctive and moreish with different levels of heat

NEW Yorkshire pudding wrap 1 x 24pk (51375)

Designed to cater to the new street food craze of Yorkshire pudding burritos and roast dinners on the go that we are seeing pop up in the street food scene

NEW 10" beetroot tortilla (51193)

We're seeing some really exciting innovation in breads, wraps and buns with different ingredients, shapes and colours. This beetroot wrap with it's deep purple colour really will stand out from the crowd

NEW TASTE burger box 1 x 150pk (54148)

This is the perfect takeaway burger carrier

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