Drinks and disposable packaging

Compliment your street food inspired menu with some quirky soft drinks and craft beers

Lemonaid drinks 24 x 330ml (46625, 46631)

Karma Cola drinks 24 x 330ml (43512, 43520, 43522, 43525, 43509)

London Beer Factory drinks 12 x 330ml (32274, 32271, 32270)



Make sure you have the right disposables to match your food menu if you are offering food to go or takeaway options. We have a comprehensive range of compostable disposables, for the full range see download our street eats brochure

Compostable packaging

Street food compostable box 1 x 200pk (94067)
Green tree compostable food container 12oz 1 x 500pk (94194)
Compostable bagasse 9 x 6" clamshell hinged food box 4 x 50pk (32906)

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