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Middle Eastern cuisine is all about sharing and is a trend that has been driven by the restaurant industry, especially in London which has many well established Middle Eastern-inspired restaurants, such as Ottolenghi and Palomar. This is spiraling into other cities around the UK and in-home cooking with many Middle Eastern recipe books residing on consumers’ book shelves.


Spices and herbs are at the heart of any Middle Eastern meal, they are what makes it so unique. With all of these flavours, dishes and ingredients we wanted to provide you with a full solution to this playful palate cuisine.


We’ve got you covered with our range of Middle Eastern products including mezze, centre of plate options, ingredients and even desserts along with some amazing, simple recipes. Look out for lots of new products that we’ve launched especially to help you bring the flavours of the Middle East onto your menus.

Creating the perfect mezze board

Have a look at a few of our favourites below including bites, frittatas and terrines

Go mad for mezze

According to the dictionary the definition of “Mezze” or “Meze” is: in Turkish, Greek and Middle Eastern cooking, a selection of hot and cold dishes, typically served as an hors d’oeuvre. The origin of the word comes from Turkish, literally ‘appetizer’ and from Persian maza which means ‘to relish’.
You’ll often see mezze options on sharing menus - it is a popular choice for customers as it allows them multiple dishes in one course. Elevate your mezze menu options to the next level. Our range gives you plenty of choice. Why not also give your customers a larger choice by offering up a bespoke mezze platter - perfect for sharing!

Everyday Favourites sweet potato falafel bites

A spiced blend of sweet potato, carrot, chickpeas and apricots with coriander leaf

Premium Selection goat’s cheese & kale dough balls

Creamy goat’s cheese and kale encased in a sun-dried tomato and red pepper light pizza dough

Choosing your breads

Take your pick from a few of our favourites below including dough, flatbreads and pitta

Breads galore

Breads are an integral part of Middle Eastern cuisine and the majority of people in the Middle East eat bread with every meal. The Egyptians even call bread “aysh” which means “life”, showing how important bread is to the cuisine. We’ve got all the essential bread you need to create a Middle Eastern-inspired feast. We’ve kept it simple allowing you to enhance the breads how you wish

Sourdough doughball

Sourdough doughballs offer a product of consistent quality, enabling chefs to produce an authentic, multi-use product very easily. They make a great flatbread base


Make your menu sing with our selection of high-quality flatbreads which pair perfectly with Middle Eastern dips, oils and vinegars. Why not also use them as a handy "scoop" for meat dishes like our slow-cooked beef with dates and pomegranate sauce


Look no further for the perfect Middle-Eastern addition than our pitta breads. Ideal as a starter, lunch or for dinner, serve them up with tasty dips like hummus and baba ganoush for some truly authentic menu options for your customers to tuck in to

Choosing your Middle Eastern mains

Including a variety of meats and vegetarian options

Middle Eastern centre of plate

Middle Eastern cuisine is all about sharing and with so many dishes to choose from, what is great for the consumer is that they can have multiple meats and/or vegetarian options for their main course.

Lamb is the most favoured meat in Middle Eastern cuisine, with pork not really being eaten as it is prohibited in some prominent religions in Middle Eastern countries. Kebabs and other grills are also very popular and can be very easy for you to put onto your menus. Plus grilled meats are deemed as healthier than pan-fried meats, therefore these menu options can appeal to your health-conscious customers when paired with trendy Middle Eastern grains such as quinoa and freekeh.

For vegetarians, Middle Eastern cuisine is a good option for them with the popular vegetarian meat replacement falafel featuring prominently within the cuisine. Often falafel can be directly replaced with the meat in your meals making it easy for a chef to turn a dish into a vegetarian option.

Middle Eastern lamb 3 ways

How to dice and skewer

Marinade in: sumac spice and olive oil, skewer with: peppers and onions, serve with: couscous

How to rub and roast

Rub with: harissa paste and olive oil roasted for: approx 1hr 10 mins drizzle with yogurt and garlic dressing

How to slow-cook

Marinade in: Major Moroccan mari-base marinade  and olive oil slow-cook for 3 hours with tomatoes and chickpeas stir to finish: Lion Middle Eastern hot sauce tahini paste

For even more inspiration why not check out our Farmstead range of lamb, chicken, beef and more!

Don’t miss out on these classic top Middle Eastern ingredients


                                                           Za’atar                                                          Cous Cous                                                                     Yoghurt

                                                        Tahini                                                               Olive oil                                                                          Sumac

As part of providing you with the full solution to Middle Eastern cuisine, we’ve worked hard to source all the ingredients you need to create your own dishes from scratch. From sauces and marinades to olives, capers and fruit we’ve got an extensive list of ingredients to help you bring your Middle Eastern recipes to life.

Easy ways to add sumac to your menus


Sumac is a spice mix synonymous with Middle Eastern cooking and can be used in so many simple ways to provide a Middle Eastern twist to your menu choices.

Handy Middle Eastern recipes

Get inspired with a few of our favourites below

To help you build your Middle Eastern menu options we’ve put together some handy recipes using some of our new Middle Eastern products that are available to order now. Take a look, get inspired and add some of these recipes to your menus to bring the flavours of Middle Eastern cuisine to life. For even more inspiration take a look at our recipes section.

Middle Eastern desserts

Choose from a few of our favourites sweet treats below

Dive in to our Middle Eastern desserts

Flavours like rose, pistachio and citrus orange are already established flavours for desserts and well known in the UK foodservice market, so adding a Middle Eastern twist to your dessert range should enhance these further. We’ve launched some great new products incorporating these flavours into a Middle Eastern dessert range, including individual desserts and pre-portioned cakes and tortes

NEW Rose & pistachio cake (pre-cut)

Three layers of green pistachio sponge with rose flavour frosting icing & lemon flavour sauce in the layers. Side masked with white chocolate curls and pistachio flavour cake crumb, decorated with flaked pistachio nuts, white chocolate curls and dried edible flowers

NEW fig, feta & pistachio cheesecake

A crunchy biscuit base with a lightly baked cream cheese and feta cheesecake scattered with chopped figs and pistachios, finished with a glaze

NEW White chocolate pomegrante cheesecake

A crisp shortbread biscuit base topped with rich creamy white chocolate, swirled with pomegranate sauce, topped with chocolate ganache and freeze dried raspberries

Catering supplies and equipment

For your Middle Eastern menus

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