Müller yogurt and desserts

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The UK’s leading yogurt manufacturer...

Responsible for major brands such as Müllerlight, Müller Corner and Müller Rice. It produces chilled desserts under licence from Mondelez International and supplies the UK private label yogurt market from a dedicated, state of the art yogurt facility.

Today Müller is the nation’s favourite dairy brand, sourcing milk from 1,600 farmers in Britain to develop, manufacture and market a wide range of branded and private label dairy products for the UK market.

Nielsen value sales, MAT data ending 08.08.20

Official Supporter of British Athletics & Athletics Ireland

Müller has been sponsoring British Athletics & Athletics Ireland since 2016, with a mission to make people happier & healthier. We are achieving this by bringing athletics to the forefront of people’s minds, inspiring them to get active through fun and investing in the foundation of the sport.

We know that when it comes to choosing a yogurt, taste is by far the most important factor, followed by health. With our reformulated small pot range, you can be really confident that it is not only a product that meets both key needs, but it also now comes in a pot that is 100% recyclable.

Our range of yogurts and desserts available from Bidfood

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Müller Healthy Balance

Bidfood code: 25603

School compliant. 100% recycled pot. Now with less sugar.

Müller Thick & Creamy

Bidfood code: 07413

Energy dense. Ideal for patient feeding.

Müller Light 100g

Bidfood code: 11171 & 11172

0% added sugar. Vegetarian.

Müller Fruit Corner

Bidfood code: 35768

A source of protein with no artificial colours, preservatives or sweeteners too. A Müllerlicious delight!

Müller Crunch Corner

Bidfood code: 35770

A delicious and creamy vanilla flavour yogurt with crunch side.

Müller Rice

Bidfood code: 44777

High In protein. Low fat rice dessert.

Müller Light 160g

Bidfood code: 51136

Fat free mixed flavour case.

Müller Corner SKYR

Bidfood code: 46794

A thick and creamy Icelandic style full fat yogurt and Quark mix, with cocoa granola, hazelnuts, almonds and dried raspberry pieces.

Skyr is now Müllerlicious!

Take a look at some of our favourite Müllerlight recipes

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