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“Third Space” is a term used in sociology, that identifies a place of community. Your home is your first space, your work is the second—and the third is that place you go where you feel comfortable to relax, work and see friends etc.

It’s a place that shapes and inspires you and where moments matter.


We’ve coined the phrase ‘#momentsmatter’ to highlight how you communicate and sell to your customers. Coffee shops are not just about coffee sales alone but about getting in touch with the emotive reasons WHY that customer is there and offering them the space to suit.


In the third space your audience can and will range from business workers grabbing a coffee while finishing off a presentation on their laptop, through to social mothers catching up over a latte while their children colour. You’ll have students revising for their exams getting their much needed espresso shot and weekend wind-downers who simply want to relax with a cuppa and a book.


This highlights the need to appease each target market not only with the products to satisfy but also the environment to help them feel truly comfortable. By this we mean including soft seating areas for some, while thinking about desks, Wifi and power sources for others.


In order to help you entice these customers to visit your coffee shop, we’ve created a number of posters and social media posts with attention-grabbing images and memorable messages. Whilst coffee shops are product and profit led, they are nothing without being people driven.  Posters and social media can drive traffic to your coffee shop and consequently, increase sales.

For poster below, please contact your sales representative.


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