Low and no added sugar range

One of the key areas of


…is the banning of price promotion of drinks that are high in total sugars. There are drinks that fall within this bracket that are still able to be part of your range though, you just can’t price promote them! These drinks have to be low in added sugar to qualify though. All of the drinks featured in this guide either contain low amounts of added sugar or zero added sugars making them a healthier and compliant fit for your range!

A rise in people eating healthily most of the time

Healthy eating intentions are well ingrained; 63% of adults try to eat healthily all or most of the time

Sugar content is the most important factor for healthy food

Having a low sugar content now stands out as the single most important factor consumers look for when seeking out healthy food, cited by 52% of consumers

Low, no and reduced sugar claims continue to climb

L/N/R sugar innovation in the food market has been on an upward trajectory since 2013, with momentum in this space picking up speed in 2017

The carrot would be more effective than the stick

Three quarters of adults would be encouraged to cut down on unhealthy food/drink by rewards for making healthy choices, rising to 82% of under-35s

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