Best of British

With the uncertainty of travelling abroad, many Brits are choosing staycations (holidaying in the UK) this year, so what better time to celebrate British on your menus.

Whether that’s using more local produce, exploring products from UK suppliers or adding some British classics to your menu, you can embrace British in so many ways this summer.

To give you some inspiration we’ve picked some of our favourite products for some of the classic British occasions


The classic fry up is a British breakfast staple. Make sure you have the best quality ingredients to serve up the best fry up possible. Here are some of our favourite fry up products.

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Farmstead unsmoked rindless back bacon

Code: 48282
Pack size: 4x2.27kg chilled

Breakfast pork sausage Red Tractor

Code: 88769
Pack size: 80x57g frozen

Everyday Favourites hash browns

Code: 29867
Pack size: 4x2.5kg frozen

Frozen cooked scrambled egg

Code: 36083
Pack size: 4x1kg frozen

Everyday Favourites baked beans

Code: 03334
Pack size: 6x3.12kg ambient

Black + White Coffee Co. medium roast filter coffee

Code: 86715
Pack size: 50x60g ambient

British brunch

It’s not breakfast, it’s not lunch, it’s something in between, it’s brunch one of the UK’s favourite eating out occasions. Offering a brunch menu will fill that space between breakfast and lunch and keep a constant stream of customers coming in. Here are some of our must-have brunch products.

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Free range shaped poached eggs

Code: 49496
Pack size: 30x51-56g chilled

Everyday Favourites English muffin

Code: 06544
Pack size: 8x6pk frozen

Avocado slices

Code: 03684
Pack size: 20x500g frozen

American pancakes 4" (35g)

Code: 36007
Pack size: 24x5pk frozen

Belgian plain waffles 90g

Code: 84801
Pack size: 1x20pk (individually wrapped) frozen

Tosti prosecco

Code: 82291
Pack size: 24x20cl ambient

The quintessential afternoon tea

There is nothing more British than afternoon tea. Keep it classic or create something a little bit more innovative or even offer a variety of different afternoon tea options to keep your customers coming back. This summer will be a great time to offer an afternoon tea on your menu especially for afternoon tea week in August! Here are some of our must have afternoon tea products.

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Everyday Favourites plain scones

Code: 88070
Pack size: 6x10x60g frozen

Everyday Favourites sultana scones

Code: 78750
Pack size: 5x10pk frozen

Everyday Favourites mini lemon tarts

Code: 05526
Pack size: 96x18g frozen

Everyday Favourites mini millionaires tart

Code: 05556
Pack size: 96x18g frozen

Everyday Favourites victoria sponge cake

Code: 01165
Pack size: 1x14ptn (pre-cut) frozen

Tosti rose moscato

Code: 73844
Pack size: 24x20cl ambient

The great British BBQ

Us Brits love a BBQ. Whether you’re having a BBQ when the sun is shining or wanting to add some BBQ inspired dishes to your menu – you really can’t go wrong. Here are some of our must haves for summer.

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Farmstead lamb kofte burger

Code: 52850
Pack size: 18x170g chilled

Farmstead pork and chorizo burger

Code: 52844
Pack size: 18x170g chilled

Americana brioche burger bun 5”

Code: 61426
Pack size: 1x48pk frozen

Kerry Maid burger slices

Code: 75497
Pack size: 8x1.4kg chilled

Heinz tomato ketchup sachet

Code: 93207
Pack size: 200x10ml ambient

Luxury coleslaw

Code: 21273
Pack size: 1x2kg chilled

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