Date posted: 21/12/2017

Wild Highland venison stew with Loch Ness dark ale

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    Game pie filling
    Diced game 800g
    Plain flour 4tbs
    Diced onions 2
    Diced carrots 3
    Diced celery sticks 2
    Sprigs of thyme 4
    Garlic cloves 2
    Red currant jelly 1tbs
    Bacon lardons 100g
    Button mushrooms 16
    Loch Ness dark ale 500ml
    Scottish oats 150g
    Haggis 100g
    Butter 50g
    Diced medium onion 1


    Method – Game pie filling:

    1. Put the game mix into a large bowl and season with salt and pepper.
    2. Now sprinkle with the flour and make sure the game is well coated.
    3. Heat a heavy based pot and add 5 tbsp oil.
    4. Add the meat and brown it all over.
    5. Now add the vegetables, bacon, garlic, thyme and butter and stir to prevent it sticking and burning (add a little ale if it starts to stick).
    6. Drop in the redcurrant jelly and allow it to melt through the meat.
    7. Cook this for about a minute and a half before adding the Loch Ness Dark ale.
    8. Let this reduce down before adding your stock (just enough stock to cover the meat).
    9. Cover with a lid and let it very gently simmer, make sure it doesn’t boil or the meat will stress and become tough.
    10. Remove the lid and with a slotted spoon or spider if you have one remove the meat and put it in a bowl, this will allow you to turn the heat up and reduce the stock into a nice thick sauce.
    11. Once you have the desired consistency then add the meat back into the sauce to warm through
    12. Top with a shortcrust pastry lid.

    Method - Skirlie on the side:

    1. Melt the butter in a heavy based pan, add the onions and oats and season lightly, cook over a medium heat till the oats are golden and almost crispy.
    2. When the oats are at that stage crumble the haggis through the Skirlie and cook for 2 or 3 mins over a medium heat.
    3. Now add the chopped parsley and serve with the stew.
    Scottish carrots, baby beets and red onions make a fantastic accompaniment.
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