Date posted: 14/06/2021

Whitby succulent scampi and chips in 4 easy steps!

  • Serves 1
  • Timing: 12 mins
Votes: 3 Average: 5


Regular portion of just fry chips 1
Whitby Wholetail Scampi 450g
Sauce of choice (we recommend tartare, ketchup or mayo)
Lemon wedges 3


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  1. Deep fry chips for 6-8 mins (until crisp)
  2. Deep fry scampi for 4 mins (until crisp and golden in colour)
  3. Place chosen sauce in a ramekin and lemon wedges in a separate ramekin and position on plate
  4. Serve chips and scampi onto plates along side sauce and lemon whilst piping hot
Chefs tip: minted peas are a tasty addition!
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