Date posted: 11/01/2023

Vegan mock duck bao buns

  • Serves 1
  • Timing: 20 mins
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Cucumber 0.15pcs
Radish 0.15pcs
Spring onion 0.15pcs
Red chillis 1g
Bao buns 2
Vegetarian mock duck 60g
Vegan garlic mayo 30ml
White wine vinegar 40ml
Korean Kimchi 20g
Korean bulgogi 60g
Black sesame seeds 2g
Caster sugar 10g


  1. Steam the bao buns and keep warm.
  2. Make a simple pickling liquid by warming the vinegar and sugar and then add sliced cucumber and sliced radish allow to steep.
  3. Cut the mock duck into bite size pieces and stir fry with the bulgogi dressing.
  4. Fill the bao buns with kimchi and then add the duck.
  5. Top with the cucumber and radish mix, finely sliced red chilli, sliced spring onions, and drizzle with garlic mayo.
  6. Finish with black sesame seeds.
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