Date posted: 17/11/2021

Vegan dirty loaded popcorn ‘chicken’ and fries

Dirty loaded popcorn ‘chicken’ and fries, served with chipotle mayo, BBQ sauce, mustard and crispy onions

  • Serves 1
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Coriander 20g
Radish pre-packed 0.1 pieces
Spring onion trimmed 0.1 pieces
Lemons (pack of 5) 0.1 pieces
Lime loose pack 0.1 pieces
WRTE Asian slaw mix 40g
Gourment selection coated thin cut fries 10mm 100g
Mock chicken popcorn 100g
Bulls eye BBQ sauce Heinz 30ml
Everyday favourite English mustard 20ml
Lion premium vegan mayonnaise 40ml
Crispy fried onions 10g
Santa maria chipotle paste 8g


1. Take the Asian slaw, add lemon and lime juice to taste, and chop the coriander. 2. Mix the chipotle with half of the mayonnaise, and separately mix the mustard with the rest of the mayonnaise. 3. Slice the radish and spring onions. 4. Cook the chips and popcorn chicken pieces in a fryer. Once cooked, serve the popcorn ‘chicken’ on top of the chips, and top with the Asian slaw. 5. Garnish with coriander, radish and spring onions. Top with the chipotle dressing, BBQ and mustard. Finally, top with the crispy onions. You can find more of our vegan recipes here. If you're looking for a wholesale vegan food supplier click the link to discover how we can help you deliver the best meat-free products to your customers.
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