Date posted: 20/09/2019

Twinings lemon iced tea

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    Twinings The Full English or All Day Decaffeinated pyramid teabag 1
    Freshly boiled water 120ml
    Pumps Monin lemon syrup 1-2
    Fresh lemon and mint to garnish
    Ice to serve


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      Enjoy the full flavour of a Twinings loose leaf tea blended with the fresh zest of citrusy lemons, slightly sweetened; and hand shaken over ice. Serving method: Use a cocktail shaker to make iced tea easily.
    1. Infuse the Full English or All Day decaffeinated teabag in 120ml freshly boiled water for 3-5 minutes in the shaker.
    2. While your tea is infusing, prepare a highball glass with ice.
    3. Discard the teabag and add 1-2 pumps of Monin lemon syrup and a fresh wedge of lemon into the shaker.
    4. Fill the shaker with ice, secure and shake well.
    5. Pour into the ice filled highball glass and serve with a slice of lemon or mint on the rim of the glass and a straw.
    Tip: try adding a squeeze of fresh lemon, a few lemon slices and a bit of brown sugar, agave nectar or honey to sweeten further.
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