Date posted: 29/10/2019

Tate & Lyle® caramel Moscow mule

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Crushed ice 1 cup
Tate & Lyle® caramel cane sugar syrup 2 tbsps
Apple cider 230ml
Vodka 50ml
Ginger beer a glug
Cubed ice 1 cup
Apple slice (to garnish) 1
Candied ginger, if desired to garnish


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  1. In a cocktail shaker filled with crushed ice, add caramel syrup, apple cider and vodka. Shake until well mixed.
  2. Add cubed ice to a copper mule mug, strain liquid into mug.
  3. Add ginger beer to fill mug. Garnish with apple slice and candied ginger, if desired.
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