Date posted: 13/03/2023

Sticky pork belly salad

Sticky pork belly over egg noodle salad.

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    Dark soy sauce 10ml
    Vegetable stock mix 25g
    Egg noodles 60g
    Sriracha hot chilli sauce 5ml
    Ginger puree 5g
    Extra virgin olive oil 15ml
    Street Food sweet tamarind sauce 30g
    Garlic puree 5g
    Red Tractor pork belly boneless skinless rind on 100g
    Carrots 10g
    Coriander 5g
    Green chillies 10g
    Pak choi 20g
    Prep mixed vegetable Asian stir fry 60g
    Radish pre-pack 1pce
    Spring onion trimmed 1pce
    Cucumber 10g


    1. Pre heat the oven to 160, skin the pork belly and seal in a hot pan, make liter of stock as per instructions, place the pork belly in a oven tray.
    2. Cover with stock and cover with parchment paper and foil and cook until 75 c depending on the oven time will vary.
    3. Take out the belly and drain any stock slice the pork put to one side.
    4. Soak the noodle for 1/2 an hour, slice the spring onion, radish, chili and pak choi, julienne the carrot and cucumber, chop the coriander.
    5. Pre heat two frying pans with a little oil in each in one. Add the stir fry vegetable and pak choi then the noodles cook until vegetables are still tender.
    6. In other pan add garlic, ginger, soy, tamarind and pork belly. Fry until golden and liquid reduced.
    7. Plate up the noodle, add the pork and garnish with the radish, carrot, cucumber chili spring onion and coriander.
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