Date posted: 04/02/2024

Spanish chicken stew with crispy potatoes

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Olive oil 100ml
Smoked paprika 25g
Everyday Favourites rosemary needles 5g
Everyday Favourites dry oregano 15g
Garlic, peeled and halved 30g
Chicken fillet, skin on 10
Capsicum yellow peppers, diced 3
Chorizo 30g
Red chillis 10g
Multi use tomato base 1.6kg
Chickpeas in water 300g
Pitted black olives 100g
Semi-dried tomatoes in oil 100g
Parsley, chopped 50g
Potatoes, diced 100g


  1. Mix together the oil, smoked paprika, rosemary, oregano, halved garlic cloves and marinate the chicken for a few hours.
  2. To make the sauce, dice the peppers and chorizo in a pan, add both to oil and saute, add the chilli to saute for a minutes. When coloured, add the tomato base and simmer, add the chickpeas, olives, sunblushed tomatoes and simmer.
  3. Pan fry the breast to get colour, remove from the pan and add a portion of sauce with some chopped parsley and warm through. Top with the chicken and put in the oven until cooked. Deep fry the potatoes. Decant onto a serving plate and top with crispy potatoes.
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