Date posted: 17/08/2018

Scottish jelly and ice cream

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    Arran Dairies cranachan ice cream
    Gelatine 2 leaves
    Caster sugar 60g
    Gin 60ml
    Tonic 75ml
    Thistly Cross whisky cask cider 4.4% ABV 275ml
    Squeeze of lemon juice
    Selection of fresh berries
    Toasted meringue
    Mini marshmallows 12
    Raspberry and apricot coulis


    1. Ball the ice cream and put in the freezer overnight, next day pane them in coconut twice and return to the freezer again best left overnight.
    2. To make the jellies warm 275ml of gin and tonic with 125g sugar and 275ml thistly cross cider, soak 4 small gelatine leaves (or 2 large) for each jelly, when soft squeeze out the excess water and dissolve into the warm gin and cider, stir till it dissolves completely then pour into a small deep tray to set, once set cut out nice cubes ready to be put on the plate.
    3. Break up some meringue nests and scorch them with a blow torch, arrange the soft fruits and jellies on to the plate and dot some coulis around the plate and on the fruits, place on the meringue and garnish with some edible flowers
    4. Deep fry the ice cream till the coconut is golden then place on the bed of fruits.
    Chef tip (short bread rounds add a nice texture to the dish and eats well with the fruits)
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