Date posted: 17/08/2018

Scottish scotch egg with Arran mustard hollandaise

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    Scotlay Scottish free range eggs 2
    MacSweens black pudding 2 large slices
    Arran grain mustard 1 spoon
    Macphies hollandaise sauce 4 spoons
    Panko bread crumbs


    1. Boil an egg till the white is cooked and no more, the yolk needs to be very runny still approx. 2 mins, cool it in iced water to stop it cooking further,
    2. Roll the black pudding between two sheets of cling film till thin and big enough to wrap around the egg
    3. Wrap the egg in the black pudding then bread crumb it
    4. Warm the hollandaise over hot water and then beat in the grain mustard
    5. Deep fry the scotch egg till golden and serve with the hollandaise
    6. Garnish with salad leaves
    7. Served with Skye RED
    Chef tip (serve a crispy streaky bacon rasher with it)
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