Date posted: 23/09/2022

Roasted cauliflower Gado Gado

A fresh, yet hearty, Indonesian Gado Gado noodle dish packed with veg.

  • Serves 10
  • Timing: 35 mins
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Cauliflower trimmed (chilled) 1
The Street Food Company Mozambian coconut piri piri paste 80g
The Street Food Company Nasi goreng paste 80g
Pure olive oil 120ml
Deer Rose Combine Thai Foods rice vermicelli 500g
Free range medium eggs (chilled) 5 eggs
Smooth peanut butter 200g
Rich and creamy coconut milk 400ml
Lime juice (squeezy) 40ml
Crushed chillies 5g
Coriander (chilled) 100g
little gem lettuce (chilled) 10 pieces
Bunched radish (chilled) 100g
Red capsicum peppers (chilled) 1 pepper
Spring onion trimmed (chilled) 1 onion
Micro coriander (chilled) 30g
Whole black sesame seed 10g
Sesame seeds 10g


  1. Cut the cauliflower into bite sized pieces and then combine with the pastes and 30ml of olive oil. Roast until the cauliflower is tender and then allow it to cool.
  2. Cook and refresh the noodles and set to one side.
  3. Cook and chill the eggs, and cut them into halves.
  4. Blend together the peanut butter, coconut, lime juice, the remaining olive oil, and red chilli flakes. Finish this with fresh coriander.
  5. Prepare all of the vegetables and wash and dry them before setting to one side.
  6. Arrange the noodles into a bowl and top with vegetables, eggs, and the cauliflower mix. Finally, finish off with the dressing, a sprinkle of sesame seeds and some fresh micro-coriander to garnish.
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