Date posted: 07/12/2018

Mission Foods’ stuffed wholemeal pittas with olives and crumbled feta

  • Serves 1
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Mission wholemeal pitta 1
Mixed salad leaves a handful
Sliced green olives (optional)
Reduced fat cheese (e.g. feta or cheddar) a sprinkle
Cucumber, sliced
Red pepper, sliced
Red onion, sliced


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  These soft pittas are baked with wholemeal flour to give a delicious nutty flavour. Perfect for filling with an array of ingredients to encourage a delicious lunchtime treat, which is full of flavour but also appeals to consumers looking for a healthier option.
  1. Warm the Mission wholemeal pitta on a medium heat in the oven for a few minutes.
  2. Slice open to form a pocket.
  3. Stuff the pitta with the ingredients and serve.
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