Date posted: 06/03/2023

Loaded toast

Delicious loaded toast topped with mozzarella and a poached egg. A trendy option for your brunch offering.

  • Serves 1
  • Timing: 25 mins
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Tomato and Oregano Bloomer (11161) 1 slice
Egg 1
Diced pancetta 30g
Mozzarella balls 20g
Munchy Seeds Mega Omega Tamari Seven Seed Mix Snack Pack (68696) 1 pce
Ground black pepper 1g
Extra virgin olive oil 10ml
Sea salt 10g
Peppadew Piquante Peppers (02350) 8g
Stokes Tomato Chutney 10g
Baby spinach 8g
Basil 5g
Button mushrooms 20g
Lettuce Roquette rocket baby leaf 10g
Edamame soya beans 10g
Avocado slices 20g
Red onion 10g


  1. In a small pan fill with water with a dash of white wine vinegar and salt. Heat a pan ready to poach the egg.
  2. Slice the peppers, mushrooms, fine dice the red onion, wash and pick the spinach and rocket, pull the mozzarella.
  3. Defrost and slice the bread a inch thick, pre heat a pan add oil and toast both side of the bread and the same time poach the egg so still runny (about 5 minutes). In a hot Pan fry the onions pancetta and mushroom.
  4. Season and smash the avocado, on the toast, layer the spinach, rocket, pancetta mix, avocado, crumble the mozzarella and peppers top with the poached egg , seeds and light seasoning.
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