Date posted: 11/05/2023

Italian truffle oil and grana padano fries

Crispy fries tumbled with grana padano, thyme, pesto mayo and truffle oil.

  • Serves 10
  • Timing: 25 mins
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Everyday Favourites green pesto 100g
Everyday Favourites mayonnaise 100ml
Thin cut fries 2kg
Grana padano 60g
Everyday Favourites rubbed thyme 1g
Everyday Favourites cracked black peppercorn 1g
Black truffle oil 3ml
Grana padano flakes 200g


  1. Mix the pesto and mayo together and set to one side
  2. Cook the fries as per instructions then tumble with grated grana padano and remainder of the ingredients
  3. Serve with the dip and shavings of the cheese.
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