Date posted: 28/02/2019

Grain recipe – serve with Daloon beetroot & ginger falafel balls

  • Serves 10
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Three colour quinoa 200g
Bulgar wheat 200g
Giant cous cous 500g
Olive oil 60ml
Fresh parsley 10g
Fresh mint 10g
Maldon sea salt 4g
Lemon juice 30ml
Chopped garlic in oil 10g
Tomato 200g
Cucumber 150g
Baby spinach 20g
Red onion 100g


1. Cook all the grains and refresh in ice cold water then set to one side and drain. 2. Once all the grains are drained add together and mix in the oil ,chopped herbs, salt, lemon juice, garlic and set to one side to infuse. 3. Dice the tomato, cucumber and red onion, slice the baby spinach and mix this with the grains. 4. Serve into pots and top with you’re chosen falafel.
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