Date posted: 22/12/2020

Frozen Angel Delight

All the flavours freeze well so the only question is which to try first. Feel free to serve as a frozen slice from your tins or scoop and serve in a cone or with fruit.

  • Serves 10
  • Timing: 5 mins
Votes: 7 Average: 3.9


Cold water 350ml
Angel Delight Chocolate Mousse 150g
Ice-cream cones to serve (optional) 10
Sprinkles (optional) 5g


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  1. Pour the cold water into a mixing bowl fitted with a whisk. Add the Angel Delight Mousse and whisk for 30 seconds on slow speed.
  2. Scrape down, increase the speed to high, and allow to whisk for 5 minutes (do not over-whisk.)
  3. Freeze for four hours before serving.
Allergens: Milk, wheat, soya
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