Date posted: 02/05/2018

Frank Dale Summer Party Feast

  • Serves 5
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Frank Dale assorted mini quiches 10
Frank Dales assorted vegetarian mini quiches 10
Frank Dale mini salmon and cream cheese bagels 10
Frank Dale mini steak and ale and chicken & tarragon Pies 10
Frank Dale mini beef and horseradish Yorkshire puddings 10


Place a selection of our ever popular assorted mini quiches and vegetarian quiches on trays and reheat from frozen for 12 -14 minutes or place directly onto platters then simply thaw and serve. For extra variety, place some of our delicious hand finished mini salmon and cream cheese bagels on to serving platters. Simply thaw and serve. If the weather let’s you down, add some warming classic British treats; reheat a selection of our mini pies and Yorkshire puddings, place on platters and serve.
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