Date posted: 17/01/2023

Food waste savoury panna cotta

Saffron parsnip panna cotta with savoury nut granola

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    For the spiced parsnip panna cotta
    Parsnips (cooked) 300g
    Milk 150ml
    Coconut milk 100ml
    Double cream 500 ml
    Saffron 1g
    Gelatine 3 leaves
    Honey 30g
    Salt To taste
    Nut brown butter 50g
    For the nut granola
    Choice of nuts and seeds 150g
    Jumbo oats 100g
    Fennel seed 10g
    Cumin seed 10g
    Soy sauce 10g
    Maple syrup 10g
    Egg white 1


    1. For the panna cotta
    2. Grind the saffron in a pestle, add boiling water. Soak the gelatine leaves in cold water
    3. In a pan add the parsnip, coconut milk, milk, cream, saffron and bring to the simmer, strain
    4. Puree the parsnip with some of the liquid to get a creamy finish, pass through a sieve if necessary
    5. Add the puree back to the liquid, heat, squeeze the gelatine and add to the hot liquid stir well till dissolved adjust seasoning and add honey a bit at a time to get the balance
    6. Pour into moulds to decant when set or serving cups.Set in the fridge for a few hours. When serving add a teaspoon of nut brown butter
    7. For the nut granola
    8. Mix all the ingredients together, spread out on to a tray and bake on 160 for 15 minutes, cool
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