Date posted: 07/04/2017

Fan-tastic burger

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    Magnificent 7™ beef burger scored 1
    Pulled pork topper 35g (half pack)
    Pretzel football roll 1
    Thin battered onion rings 40g (4 rings)
    Kerrymaid cheese slices 1
    Beef tomato 25g (1 slice)
    French's American mustard 10g
    Heinz classic burger sauce 25g
    Red onion 10g


    1. Season & chargrill the burger until the centre reaches 75oC, allow to rest, heat the pulled pork topper to 75oC.
    2. Toast the burger bun.
    3. Deep fry the onion rings for 2 minutes until crispy and golden, drain well on paper - keep hot.
    4. Place the cheese slice on the burger and melt under the grill, top with the beef tomato slice and warm through.
    5. Place in this order on the base of the toasted bun - American mustard, topped burger, onion rings, burger sauce and shredded red onion.
    6. Skewer bun top in place and serve on a large wooden board with a pail of golden chips.
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