Date posted: 08/03/2021

Easy fruit tarts made with McVitie’s Digestives

  • Serves 6
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McVitie’s Digestives 375g
Unsalted butter, at room temperature 75g
Soft cream cheese, at room temperature 400g
Everyday Favourites lemon curd, at room temperature 240g
Blackberries 150g
Raspberries 150g
Pomegranate seeds 150g
Icing sugar


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  1. Put the McVitie’s Digestives and butter into a food processor and mix until blended. Press the mixture into the bottom of six mini tart tins. Place the tart tins in the freezer for 10-15 minutes.
  2. Clean the bowl of the food processor and blend the cream cheese and lemon curd before dividing the mixture evenly between the six tart tins.
  3. Arrange the fruit gently over the lemon layer on each tart so that it doesn’t sink too much.
  4. Place the tarts in the fridge for at least four hours and dust with icing sugar before serving.
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