Date posted: 26/04/2017

Double whammer burger

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Everyday Favorites panko breaded onion rings 2
Heinz classic burger sauce 100ml
Kerrymaid burger sauce 40 slices
EF 80% American style burger 20
Heinz creamy black pepper ranch dressing 100ml
Red onion 1
Beef tomato 2
Cos lettuce 2
Kara's 5" bread bap 10


  1. Collate all your ingredients
  2. Deep fry your onion rings and keep warm
  3. Grill your burgers and keep warm
  4. Slice your tomato, red onion & cos lettuce and keep chilled until required
  5. To build your burger - toast the bun and keep warm
  6. Top the base with Heinz creamy black pepper ranch dressing
  7. Layer with the cos, tomato & red onion
  8. Top with the burgers and cheese
  9. Finish with classic burger sauce and fried onion rings
  10. Top with the bun and serve
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