Date posted: 28/02/2019

Bulgogi Beef Poke Bowl

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Farmstead Scottish rib eye steak 1
Korean bulgogi paste 50g
Premium toasted sesame oil 20ml
Everyday Favourites risotto rice 150g
S&B black rice 80g
Three colour quinoa 50g
Dufrais white wine vinegar 35ml
Tate & Lyle caster sugar drum 15g
Pineapple - 1/4 cut sliced 80g
Tate & Lyle dark brown sugar 15g
Avocado IQF slices 30g
Sliced spring onions 15g
Sliced radish 20g
Mixed salad leaves 12
Spiral cut cucumber 25g
Sliced red chilli 3g
Everyday Favourites edamame soya beans 30g
Lion Korean BBQ sauce 40ml
Everyday Favourites sesame seed 5g
Pumpkin seeds 5g


1. Marinade the steak in the paste & sesame oil overnight. 2. Cook both rice’s & Quinoa in plenty of boiling water until tender then refresh in ice cold water and drain. 3. Mix the vinegar and white caster sugar together and heat gently until the sugar has dissolved - set to one side to chill then add the sesame oil. 4. Mix the rice and grains with the vinegar mix and spoon into a bowl. 5. Lay the pineapple onto a baking tray and top with the brown sugar - Grill on a high heat until caramelised,leave to cool until required. 6. Top with the vegetables and grilled pineapple and keep in separate sections. 7. Sear the steak over the grill until pink then slice and add to the bowl. 8. Serve with the BBQ sauce. 9. Sprinkle with toasted sesame & pumpkin seeds.
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