Date posted: 17/01/2023

Boozy doughnut fondue sharing board

Boozy doughnut and marshmallow fondue with Crunchy Bits

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61527 Chocolate hazelnut doughnuts
23473 Marshmallow
74779 Biscoff crumb
53221 Oreo crumb
81130 Crunchie Bits
For the boozy fondue
30208 Callebaut dark choc 500g
40572 Baileys 100ml
6175 Double Cream 300ml
81436 Milk 300ml
1587 Butter 100g
For the praline
29584 Hazelnuts (roast and skin) 100g
96882 Caster sugar 200g
Water 3 TBLSP
For the honeycomb
96882 Caster sugar 300g
29310 Golden syrup 100g
25595 Bicarbonate of soda 10g


  1. For the praline
  2. Add the sugar and water to a saucepan, boil to a caramel, add the nuts toss and pour on to parchment allow to cool completely
  3. Pulse Whizz in a food processor to desired crunch
  4. For the honeycomb
  5. Over a gentle heat stir the sugar and syrup till the sugar dissolves in an over size pan
  6. Turn up the heat and when it reaches amber caramel, turn the heat off and add the bicarb and stir with a spoon until the bicarb dissolves.
  7. Then pour into a greased pan or onto parchment leave for an hour before breaking into pieces
  8. For the boozy fondue
  9. Place all the ingredients in a bain marie and heat until melted and combined finish with the Baileys or drink of choice, keep warm.
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