Date posted: 31/05/2021

Big Al’s Bacon and Baconaise Burger

The perfect burger for any channel of business. A super easy build for leisure sites, takeaways and pubs and quick service restaurants. A crowd pleaser served with the most delicious sauce and quality beef patty made with 100% British and Irish Beef.

  • Serves 1
  • Timing: 15 mins
Votes: 5 Average: 5


Big Al’s 6oz Flame Grilled Beef Burger 1
Brioche bun 1
Baconaise sauce
Leafy lettuce
Cheddar cheese
Streaky bacon
Everyday Favourites oven chips


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  1. Cook the Big Al’s Flame Grilled Beef Burger as per instructions. 10 mins in the oven or 1.10 mins in the microwave
  2. Lightly toast the bun
  3. Dress the bun with baconaise sauce
  4. Add the leafy lettuce
  5. Place the burger with the melted cheese on top
  6. Top with pickles
  7. Add some streaky bacon pieces
  8. And serve with chips
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