Date posted: 12/07/2018


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Thin beef steak 100g
Soya sauce 2 tsp
Everyday Favourites easy cook long grain rice (one rice steamer) 200g
Sunflower oil 1 tsp
Julienne carrots 120g
Two spinach pucks 60g spinach
Everyday Favourites free range medium eggs 2
Sesame seeds toasted ½ tsp
Fresh sliced ginger 30g
Sriracha sauce 2 tbsp
Toasted sesame seeds 2 tsp
Cider vinegar 2 tsp
Light soy sauce 4 tsp


  1. Put the steak into a bowl and add the soy sauce.
  2. Boil the rice following packet instructions. Meanwhile heat 1 tsp oil in a frying pan or wok then add the steak, leaving the soy sauce behind in the bowl. Fry quickly at a high temperature until well browned on the outside, put it onto a board and cover with foil to rest. Now fry the carrots in the same pan, stir frying for 2-3 mins until starting to soften then transfer to a plate. Next add the spinach and fry until just wilted (about a minute). Finally fry the eggs, adding a little extra oil if the pan is dry.
  3. When the rice is cooked, drain and pile into 2 bowls. Slice the steak then put it on top of the rice. Next to that add a clump of the cooked carrots, then the spinach and finally the ginger. Scatter the sesame seeds over the top. Stir all of the sauce ingredients together in a bowl and serve alongside the rice. The best way to eat it is to dollop on a good serving of the sauce, break into the egg and stir everything together so the sauce and the runny egg yolk get deliciously mixed up with all the vegetables and steak.
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