Date posted: 04/04/2017

Beer burger

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    Farmstead 85% fresh gourmet beef burger 196g 1
    Beer burger bun 1
    Bladen mild coloured cheddar slices 1
    Lamb weston beer battered onion rings 40g (2 large)
    Mayonnaise 30ml
    Stokes BBQ sauce 40ml
    Noël's sliced dill gherkins 15g


    1. Season & chargrill the burger until centre reaches 75oC, allow to rest.
    2. Toast the burger bun and place the cheese slice on top of the cooked burger.
    3. Place cheese topped burger under a hot grill to melt cheese & deep fry the onion rings for 4 minutes until crisp and browned, drain well on paper.
    4. Spread mayonnaise on the toasted bottom of the burger bun, top with the cheese burger, then 2 onion rings, BBQ sauce and gherkin slices.
    5. Place toasted bun top on top and skewer with a wooden paddle/skewer or knife for presentation.
    6. Serve on a board with a ceramic pot of thick chunky chips such as Lamb Westons connisseur chip, salt with rock salt.
    7. Add a dish of Stokes tomato ketchup to the board.
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