Date posted: 13/12/2017

Bean and vegetable sweet and sour

  • Serves 10
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Everyday Favourites extended life vegetable oil - polybottle 25ml
Everyday Favourites diced onions 100g
Everyday Favourites sliced mixed peppers 150g
Champifri sliced mushrooms 150g
Everyday Favourites leaf spinach 100g
Five bean salad in water 600g
Everyday Favourites sweet and sour light cooking sauce 700g


  1. Place the oil in a pan and heat gently then add the onions and peppers and cook until tender
  2. Then add the mushrooms and spinach and fry for two minutes while these are cooking drain the beans and wash
  3. Add the beans to the pan along with the sauce and cook until its simmering and reaching 75°c
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