Date posted: 26/04/2018

Asian slaw hotdog

  • Serves 1
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Peanut butter smooth 1 tbsp
Everyday Favourites extended life vegetable oil - tin 6 tbsp
Sesame oil 1 tsp
Rice vinegar 4 tbsp
Everyday Favourites cooking salt sprinkle
Tate & Lyle granulated sugar sprinkle
Cabbage 4 cups thinly sliced
Carrots 3/4 cup grated
Fresh coriander 1/4 cup
Onions 3 thinly sliced
Sesame seeds 2 tbsp
Uncle John's premium 7" beechwood smoked bockwurst sausages 72g 4
Everyday Favourites Mk6 hot dog rolls 6" 4
Lion Korean hot chilli sauce to serve


  1. Mix the peanut butter in a bowl with the vegetable oil and sesame oil until smooth. Whisk in the rice vinegar, then add salt and sugar to taste.
  2. In another bowl, toss the sliced cabbage, grated carrots, onions, coriander and sesame seeds together.
  3. Cook the hot dogs as you like (boil, grill or fry).
  4. Lightly toast the hot dog buns in the oven.
  5. Mix the vegetables with the dressing.
  6. Add the hot dog to the bun, add the Asian slaw on top and drizzle with the Korean hot chilli sauce.
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