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Did you know business and leisure travellers say room quality is the #1 reason for choosing a hotel?*

When guests talk about room quality, this could be a number of things. They aren’t just looking for a roof over their head or a bed to sleep in, but they also wouldn’t expect a jacuzzi in their room. However, once they close the door to their hotel room, they are looking for those high quality amenities to indulge in that sense of luxury.

‘Guests will always have different expectations with reference to having a TV, robes and slippers but it’s the essentials that you’d ideally like to exceed in and make their experience both welcoming and comforting.’ Rachel Gavin, Senior Customer Marketing Manager.

*Consumer Intelligence Series, PWC 2017

Our top hotel room essentials recommendations:

Tea and coffee

Invest in better quality tea and coffee. The margin is still very healthy and it is a very simple way to increase the guests satisfaction as it shows thought has gone into providing guests with a better experience.


Complimentary bottled water is the simple amenity guests want in all hotel rooms.*

*Top amenities survey 2015,


Opportunity to create a sense of luxury. Don’t forget to surprise your guests, the little things matter!


As travel continues to evolve, consumers are eating outside of traditional meal times and in room snacking is a perfect opportunity for this. It is also a great avenue for you to increase your revenues and margins.

Depending on which amenities you wish to provide, we recommend that you display them in style. By this, we mean the little touches, perhaps an ‘Enjoy your refreshments’ note. In this day and age, social media is booming with 2.46 billion active users reshaping how we communicate and millennials especially will happily post pictures of their experiences. A recent social media survey found that 10,000 tweets mentioned the in-room amenities! So make sure you make the most of their stay with simple touches.*

Make sure you have complimentary Wi-Fi as surveys find it is the top factor in choosing a hotel for leisure stays.

*Statista, 2017

Tap into trends

Gluten free

Around one-third of British consumers are buying and eating free-from food, of whom 22% buy gluten-free products.*
This growth not only comes from consumers who are coeliac and need to avoid gluten from a medical perspective, but it’s also hugely driven by consumers opting for the gluten free lifestyle who feel eliminating gluten from their diet is a healthier option for them. There is no science behind this, but many consumers are choosing higher protein based diets instead.

The impact is resulting in the industry working harder to create products that taste better than ever before!
The quality of gluten free snacking products coming through are second to none and some providers are opting to only offer a gluten free options as they are great rivals in the snacking category. So make sure you stock up with these gluten free delights to appeal to the wider audience.

*, March 2018


“Fairtrade has gone from strength to strength, with more products available now than ever before and more shoppers than ever looking to choose Fairtrade.” (Catherine David, Head of Commercial Partnerships, Fairtrade Foundation)
Sales of Fairtrade products were £1.6 billion in 2015 and trust of the Fairtrade Mark is higher than for any other consumer label at 83 percent.*

Ethical consumption is growing fast and more consumers want to know that the food they are consuming is coming from farming communities that trade fairly. By choosing Fairtrade, customers are able to invest in the future of ethical sourcing whilst still enjoying our favourite products.

*National Fairtrade purchasing guide 2018

Have a look at our 3 ranges

  • Classic

    Hospitality’s number one rule is to make guests feel welcome and special. After a long flight or a busy day sightseeing, guests want simple conveniences that you can offer free of charge. A hot drink and biscuit can go a long way to customer satisfaction!

    Guests have come to expect toiletries at the most basic level. At the least any and every hotel should provide shampoo, conditioner and body wash as an in room amenity.


  • Deluxe range

    What better way to treat your customer than to provide a little something extra? Branded tea and coffee are just small touches that add a cherry to the top of their experience and they’ll love you for it.

    Customers want high quality soap, shampoo, and conditioner that leave them feeling clean and refreshed.

  • Superior range

    Hoteliers should dare to be different, and instead of cutting back on ‘unecessary expenses’, hotels should be investing in simple luxuries for their guests in order to stand out. Delivering high quality in room amenities will set you apart and exceed expectations encouraging your guests to leave a gracious review after they’ve gone.

    Five star hotels, require five star quality. Providing high end toiletries resulting in shiny, tangle-free hair and soft skin instils a sense of luxury.

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