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Global Farm’s range of chicken products has been developed with today’s busy caterer in mind. Our products shown below allow both deep fry and oven bake, and always best cooked from frozen. Whether it’s the premium whole muscle range such as the battered bites or southern fried goujons, or the value added chopped and shaped range such as the battered steaks or battered nuggets you’ll find the quality is excellent. The coatings are great quality, as is the chicken, we want to ensure 100% customer satisfaction every time.

View our full range of delicious chicken products fresh from Global Farms below

Our chicken products


Battered chicken nuggets

36838 – chopped and shaped chicken breast in a crispy batter. Nuggets will always be a firm favourite with many due to ease of quick cooking, and price. It’s ideal for children’s menus, and fast food.


Southern fried chicken goujons

36836 – whole inner chicken fillets coated in a crisp savoury peppered crumb. There must be countless recipes for southern fried nowadays, but we have one here we think you’ll like. The black pepper is enough to give it a flavour bite but without a nasty kick, and you’ll love the rustic rich crumb.


Battered chicken goujons

36832 – whole inner chicken inners coated in a crispy batter. Looking for something different than plain breaded coatings, then this is deal. It’s a neutral but savoury batter designed to be crispy and great when dipped in a sauce. A great filler for sharing platters or as a starter.


Steamed 12mm chicken strips

36833 – steam cooked chicken breast simply chicken, water and salt. Simple clean ingredients make this a firm favourite for those looking for a cooked chicken to be added into stir-fry, curry, and other ready meals. No doubt there’ll be alternatives out there, but we’re sure our steamed chicken strips offer a high quality addition to any menu.


Breaded chicken goujons

36835 – whole inner chicken fillets coated in a crisp breadcrumb. Just plain and simple but at the same time something you’ll be proud to serve. Whether on a platter or as a wrap as we’ve shown here you’ll get great results, time after time.


Roasted chicken skewers

36839 – chicken breast chunks, skewered and roasted. These are great for main plate meals served over rice and topped with a sauce, or quite simply heated and served as a healthier option starter. Ours are actually roasted too, not like many “roasted style” out there.


Battered chicken steak

19609 – chopped and shaped chicken breast coated in a crisp batter. Another firm favourite with many – the good ol’ chicken burger. Simply, it does what it says and whilst the chicken is chopped and shaped its made from breast meat for a good quality taste and appearance.


Southern fried fillet

72092 – whole chicken fillet coated in a crisp savoury peppered crumb. For those looking for a whole chicken fillet in a burger then this is a great choice. Rustic crumb and just enough black pepper and southern fried-ness to cut through the mayo, sauce, bun and any green stuff in your burger.


Steamed 12mm chicken dice

88120 – steam cooked chicken breast simply chicken, water and salt. Just like the chicken strips but this time diced. It is just plain and simple but very tasty chicken. Why not stir fry it and place in a wrap like we have in the photo.


Battered chicken chunks

37547 – whole chunks of chicken breast, coated in a crispy batter. For those looking for a premium or upgraded version of the chicken nugget then this is it. Great option for those wanting “proper chicken” on a children’s menu but also works well on buffets, starters and sharer platters. Because its whole chicken breast cut into chunks no two shapes are the same which provides a great home-style visual.

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