Product guides

Here is a range of product guides to help you make the right choices in the face of the Covid-19 challenges.

Helping you with… Labelling

There is a big focus on labelling with Natasha’s Law coming into effect in October. Labelling can be confusing with different labels for front and back of house.

In this guide you can find some guidance on what labels you may require and also information about Natasha’s Law and how this could affect your business.

You will also find details on the Matt85 which can help with meeting Natasha’s Law labelling requirements.

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Helping you with… Food-To-Go

With eating on-the-go rising rapidly with consumers, many catering businesses are offering a choice of sit-in, takeaway or home delivery menu options and this guide provides a multitude of solutions that will fit your food-to-go offering perfectly. We’ve identified selections influenced by the latest trends in food-to-go, linking ideal containers for hot or cold food and drink with known menu stable suggestions to further support you with complete food-to-go solutions.

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A handy guide to hygiene

Gaining and maintaining your five star food hygiene rating is the ultimate indication of your hygiene standards. This guide gives you all the essential cleaning products plus useful insights for best practice with regards to short-term closures, reopening, hand washing and the future of hygiene requirements.

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