We work with only the best coffee suppliers to bring you the best of both, our own brand coffee and well-known brands that are perfect for front of house service, customer self-servicing, and that all-important barista made coffee.

Coffee your way



If you're looking to serve the full coffee experience we've got you covered. From Arabica to Robusta, Black + White Coffee Co. to our newly launched illy range, we’ve got a wide range of options to suit your needs.



Filter coffee has certainly had a revival over the last few years with the increased popularity of the French press and drip filtering. It's also a great option for businesses as it is quick and easy to serve requiring minimal machinery. The perfect option for large scale catering or for anyone that enjoys serving the simple but effective cup of good old filter coffee.



Whether you are looking for in-room portions or instant coffee for your staff offices, we've got a wide range of brands and blends to choose from when it comes to instant and freeze-dried coffee.

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A few of our coffee brands

New to Coffee your way. With a carefully selected range, illy offers you a choice of beans, filter and ground roast coffee that provides a unique flavour balance and broad aromatic profile.

Whether you like yours simply black or flamboyantly flavoured, piping hot or ice cold, or indulging yourself with added cream or a splash of whisky, there’s a Nescafé coffee to suit your customer’s needs. The unmistakeable full-flavour is what makes it a steady favourite.

We have a range of Paddy & Scott's products including whole beans, ground and decaff portions. Paddy & Scott's have been 'fuelling ambition since 2007' and is now sourced from their own Farm in Kenya.

With nearly a century of expertise up his sleeve, the Cofficionado is able to select the finest coffee beans from across the world, and turn them into something legendary. Our Kenco selection includes filter, instant, portions and decaff options.

Maxwell House provides value without compromise. Making it the smart choice for people and companies that want to enjoy their coffee in a way that is both tasteful and practical.

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