Date posted: 02/09/2020

Christmas, but not as you know it

Bidfood shares festive food predictions for a ‘Christmas with caution’, as it launches its 2020 Christmas range


It’s the topic on everyone’s lips right now, but what will a post-Covid Christmas look like this year?

One of the UK’s leading foodservice providers, Bidfood, has today launched its 2020 festive range, whilst also exploring consumers’ feelings around how they envisage their Christmas looking this year, through a recent Bidfood survey.

According to the findings, this year we can expect a ‘traditional Christmas with caution’, involving socially distanced small gatherings, single serve food or personal buffet platters, as well as celebrating truly British traditions.

Supporting local and celebrating British

One of the consumer behaviours that has come out of the pandemic has been the rise in desire to ‘support local’ – from supporting local producers and businesses, to spending on UK experiences and British getaways. Whether it is due to the consumer’s desire to support the UK economy, or lockdown reducing international business and travel, people are really focusing on celebrating Britain and what it has to offer.

Just over a quarter (26%) of consumers are looking forward to a Christmas meal that upholds true British tradition with all the trimmings – whether they dine in or venture out. The research illustrates that really, this isn’t a year for fancy product innovation, but instead, that in these uncertain times, many of us are looking for touches of comfort to make us feel good. Whether that’s festive favourites, winter-spiced options, or mince pie variations and Christmas puddings to tempt consumers.

Keeping in line with these findings, Bidfood’s new range includes, a British reared Farmstead turkey ballontine with Gloucester old spot & caramelised onion sausage meat , that can be enjoyed alongside brussels sprouts with chestnuts & bacon, and red cabbage with apples, sultanas & mulled spices – not to forget last year’s family favourite, the foot-long pigs in blankets. Then followed by flaky mince pastry parcels or the Premium Selection jewelled Christmas cake.


Staying safe this season

When asked about the research, Lucy Pedrick, Head of Insights, said: “48% of consumers ranked ‘feeling safe’ as their top priority when dining this year, so it is important for operators to blend good food and drink, with a safe environment to create a memorable experience. Now supplying direct to consumer, Bidfood’s offering this year has been designed with both operators and consumers in mind, acknowledging the increasing concerns of the general public amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.”

With a key focus on hygiene and safety, Bidfood has developed a wide range of Christmas options for consumers to enjoy individually – from personal goat’s cheese soufflés, Farmstead individual turkey paupiettes with Cumberland, cranberry & apricot stuffing.

As well as being physically safe this season, Bidfood is still looking at ways to be environmentally safe, with their entire cracker range this year being more sustainable than ever! Each cracker is easily recyclable, is free of single-use plastics and contains no glitter; the range also includes a number of crackers that support The Trussel Trust, with proceeds donated directly to the charity.

Discussing the range, Vicky Tripp, Campaigns & Activation Manager, said: “It is important that, despite this years’ challenges, operators do not forget the importance of dietary requirements and consumer demand for vegan and gluten free options.

“With this in mind, Bidfood has launched a range of options to appeal to those conscious consumers, from classic vegan wellington slices, as well as our gluten free and vegan Premium Selection mirrored chocolate truffle torte, which we’re particularly excited about.”

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