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Elevate your dessert offering with Callebaut chocolate

45% of consumers prefer chocolate desserts, and 35% find those with Belgian provenance most appealing¹. Callebaut offers simple ways to elevate classically loved desserts to meet your customers changing needs, using chocolate. With delicious recipes such as the ones shown below, created with Callebaut chocolate callets, there is something to suit every customer.

All Callebaut chocolate is:

  • Finest Belgian Chocolate
  • 100% Sustainable Cocoa

The Dessert Report 2022 by Callebaut

Chocolate is the number one dessert ingredient for British consumers. Find out how to maximise your chocolate offering with Callebaut’s Dessert Report.

  • 49% of dessert consumers would be more likely to order a dessert if it was made with premium ingredients¹
  • 76% of consumers with a dietary requirement think vegan dessert options deserve a place on menus¹

Download your copy of Callebaut’s Dessert Report today to unlock your dessert menu’s profit potential

Our callet range

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Callebaut white chocolate W2 callets

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Callebaut dark chocolate 811 callets

Bidfood code: 30208

Callebaut milk chocolate 823 callets

Bidfood code: 30211

Recipe inspiration

Callebaut hot cross muffins

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Callebaut vegan chocolate chip carrot cake

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