What does Earth Day mean to Bidfood?

ESG and sustainability and 1 other category | 19 April 2023 | Jetashree Chopra

At Bidfood, we understand that our business has many impacts on the environment, but we’ve committed to becoming a Positive force for change, so Earth Day is an ideal opportunity to review our progress toward a more sustainable way of doing business.

Earth Day is celebrated annually on 22nd April, and is a global event that promotes environmental awareness and encourages actions to protect our planet. As Sustainability Manager at Bidfood, I am glad to share what Earth Day means to us and how it aligns with our commitment to sustainability.

In our 2022 Sustainability Report, we’re proud to highlight the progress we’ve made in our sustainability journey and our commitment to minimising our environmental impact.

One of the key pillars of our sustainability strategy is reducing our carbon footprint. We have implemented robust measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across our operations, including investing in wide scale solar panel installation, optimising our delivery routes to minimise transportation emissions, and partnering with suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability.



We will also be launching a proof of concept with a supplier who can help us provide carbon emissions data for our own brand products, which will help customers wanting to opt for climate-friendlier menus.

We have also set carbon reduction targets aligned with max 1.5°C global warming for scopes 1 and 2, and well below 2°C​​​​​​​ for Scope 3. Our ambition is to have reduced absolute carbon emissions by at least 90% by 2045, with the residual offset, which is a science-based approach toward achieving net zero. Find our Carbon Reduction plan here*


Recent highlights of our sustainability programme include:

  • Creation of a soya policy, to minimise deforestation in the sourcing of our own brand products
  • Purchasing 4 door cages and retrofittable doors for 2 door cages. Our intention is that over the course of the next couple of years the 2 sided cages will be phased out of the business and all caged deliveries will then require zero pallet wrap, a great step forward in reducing our plastics impact.
  • 21% food waste reduction achieved since we set our baseline


Our ‘People and Planet’ teams at our depots are also active in our sustainability efforts. We recognise the critical role that nature plays in supporting our food system, and we are committed to helping to preserve it.


Our teams have spearheaded projects to create wildlife habitats, maintain beehives and plant community. We’re really proud to launch our employee charity volunteering policy this year, which gives every employee the right to apply for a paid volunteering day with a charity of their choice. We look forward to finding out what our employees choose to do, to give something back to their local environment and communities.

Community engagement and social responsibility are integral components of our sustainability approach. We believe that sustainability encompasses not only environmental stewardship but also social well-being.



We actively engage in charitable initiatives, volunteer programmes, and partnerships with local organisations to address social issues, promote inclusivity, and contribute positively to the communities in which we operate. We are proud of our efforts to make a meaningful and positive impact on society. To find out more, please see the Communities section of our sustainability report or sustainability webpage.


As we celebrate Earth Day, we are reminded of the progress we have made in our sustainability journey, but we also acknowledge that there is more work to be done. We are committed to continuously improving our sustainability performance and finding innovative solutions to minimise our environmental impact. We strive to set an example for responsible and sustainable foodservice practices. As we continue our sustainability journey, we are determined to make a positive impact on the environment and our communities.

Happy Earth Day from Bidfood! Together, let’s strive for a more sustainable future.

Read more about sustainability vision: Positive force for change | sustainability | Bidfood UK


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* Our Carbon Reduction plan will soon be updated to include our new carbon reduction targets and emissions reduction roadmap.

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