by Steve Jones

Walking the walk…. Steve Jones, General Manager at our Bicester depot works the nightshift for a week….

Walking the walk…. Steve Jones, General Manager at our Bicester depot works the nightshift for a week….
At the Bicester depot, education customers make up a significant part of our base, giving the depot a six week dip in pace during July and August. This allows the teams to get in their holidays and rejuvenate before reigniting the passion and hard work to offer service excellence when the schools, colleges and universities return in September. In our August quarterly communications briefing I put out a call to arms to the whole depot asking for no less than 100% attendance in a drive to make sure we give great service when the education sector returns. It can be a bit of a slog after the holiday season, but I couldn’t have asked for a better result!

The picture here shows Bicester’s night team alongside myself, as I made a commitment at the quarterly communications briefing to spend a week working nights with the team, who play a key part in our service delivery! This was a way for me to thank them all as their General Manager and show them we do care passionately about their contribution especially after 3 weeks of 100% attendance and pulling out all the stops to ensure their customers, the transport team had their vehicles loaded on time. It is easy to lose sight of what our nights team do; the forgotten heroes of Bidfood. I was astounded at the sheer pace in picking, loading and breaking down sub supply to put across 71 vehicles, I would stop to talk to them and thank them for their contribution but I could see I was getting in the way, they just want to achieve and get the job done!

After the team photo and a lot of banter regarding “you can tell who the workers are and who isn’t normally a nightshift worker – nice clean white shirt with the cleanest high visibility jacket” I decided to have another picture taken looking not so bright! The team do an amazing job and I have, on the back of my own experience, encouraged all my leadership team to work a night with the team and familiarise themselves with a job well executed. Well done to the team.

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Next step for me is #Transport, watch this space…

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